2016 Feng Shui

What are the most beneficial and auspicious areas in your house or office in 2016?

As the environmental energies change every year (as well as month, day and hour) we prepare our house to tap into the most advantageous energy flow for that particular year.

Normally, we do this at the beginning of each new solar year on the 4th of February. Stay tuned for the publication of the new energies for 2017 in late 2016 so you can prepare.

To be able to make use of the most auspicious Qi (energies) in 2016, first identify the compass directions of the different rooms in a house or office and most important the direction of the entrance door. As this last one brings the Qi of the surroundings into the house.

For activation of the positive sectors in 2016, being East, South East and South West, use a fan, (softly) play the tv or radio in that area or work or walk there regularly. This will move the energies and activate accordingly.

North – Star 7: robbery, theft, injury, slanderous remarks and people

This sector leads to emotional instability and grief this year. Take care of your health when you reside in this area. The best is to avoid staying, working or sleeping here as there will be constant conflicts and disagreements with your partner. At work, one might experience politics and competition, which causes stress. If you have a Main Door in this sector, keep an eye on the security of your premises as there is high risk of break ins.

North East – Star 5: serious setbacks, bankruptcy, misfortune, disasters and diseases

The North East is the most inauspicious sector in 2016. Staying in this sector brings misfortunes and mishaps. Do not undertake major renovations or ground breaking and excavating work in this sector. Leave it untouched and do not use as a bedroom this year. Place metal objects, made of copper, brass or iron to neutralize the negative effects of this sector.

East – Star 9: wealth star that relates to investments

The East promotes the growth of one’s wealth which is connected to long term or permanent jobs. And lots of activity in setting up endeavors gaining fame, recognition and status as a result. It will lead to career advancement, new prospects and life joy. When you consider marriage or starting a family, activate this sector in 2016.

South East – Star 1 – noble people, connection or network, wisdom, knowledge

Holding one of the three favorable stars (8, 9 and 1), this sector has a lot to offer in 2016: career progression, travelling opportunities, wealth accumulation and prominent success and satisfaction in your career. Research, philosophy, writing etc. is favorable. Growing your network as well as reputation and social success is very promising. Some emotional turbulences, depression and emotional instability could occur.

South – Star 6: authority, power, influence, ability to take action or execute

The South is connected to positive career prospects. Initiatives at work will bring promotion, salary increment and career progression. Use the South entrance (Main Door) of your office for improvements in your status, influence at work and in your social circle. The negatives of Star 6, when activated by negative Qi, bring sudden changes in your workplace and health complications.

South West – Star 8 – wealth, cash flow

Activating the South West sector of your property or office building will bring prosperity, good fortune and wealth in 2016. With a door in the South West, prepare yourself for great returns on your investments. Recognition at your work, career advancement or wealth can be obtained with activation and constantly (softly) playing a radio, t.v., work or move around in that area.

West – Star 4: academic or scholarly pursuits, talents, acquire knowledge and skills

The West sector holds the energies of star 4 this year, which favors academic and scholarly pursuits as well as work that is related to the creative, artistic or literary fields. With a Main Door in the west of your property, you enjoy great relationship with your partner, and you find yourself travelling most of the time.

North West – Star 3: arguments, misunderstandings, disputes. legal issues

Negative energy, constant arguments, heated disagreements are around when you stay in this sector. Legal complications and lawsuits which will drain you physically and psychologically are part of the deal here. To weaken the effects of this sector, place a bright red item, a red candle or lamp in this sector for the entire year.

Groundbreaking Sectors
Do NOT undertake groundbreaking, excavating or renovating activities in the South and North East  in 2016. This might lead to serious problems for the property and its inhabitants. Robberies, theft, mishaps, accidents, loss of wealth and material possessions and health complications could be the result.


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