Energy Flow

Qi (pronounced as ‘tschi’) or life energy flows through all matters: human beings, animals, plants and even death matter. Think about a wooden table, which is of very dense energy; its molecules are packed closely together, and hardly let Qi flow through.

The Chinese character of Qi compiles of two words: damp (energy) and uncooked (matter). According to the Asian Literature, Qi warms, nourishes, stimulates and protects the spirit and body, organs and fluids in human beings and in nature.

When Qi gets blocked, the body gets ill and mostly influences the mind negatively as well. To mention a few of the many important reasons for energy blockage:

Emotions, like fear, rage, worries, sadness, joy, either too little or too much, lead to imbalance in the mind
Nutrition, our life chemicals that nourish our cells and keep us in good shape
Changes of weather, where wind, heat, dryness, moisture, fire and cold (the 6 pathogens) play an important role in our body’s happiness
Environment and pollution; what is more obvious and what else can one add?!
Wrong medication, the chemicals that cause imbalance
Injury, i.e. by accidents or operations
Life style: stress, addictions of alcohol, drugs and other chemicals
Body & sports: too little movement activity or too much body exercise

Who does not recognize the reasons for our lives to be uncomfortable and unbalanced?

Well…the good think is, you can do something about it! You can change your energy level and change your life!


1. By awareness of the factors that are blocking your body systems and realize how you can influence an effective ‘flow of energy’.

2. Analyse what you personally need in order to balance your body and ultimately your mind. A BaZi (Traditional Chinese Astrology) analysis is helpfull in this matter.

3. Take action and take care of yourself! Provide yourself with adequate Qi to nourish and stimulate your body and above all your mind. This can be realized through meditation and affirmations for the mind, Qi Foods and activities like Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi for the body.

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