Auspicious Healing Day!

Monday 19 December 2016, North West at 13.30 hrs.

At this particular moment, Nine Earth Deity, who is concerned with your well being and health, is at the highest level 7 for an ultimate healing constellation!  This is the time to send off your healing wish to the Universe. First though, you have to make your personal healing wish charm.

The person that asks for healing, should participate in the process of Commanding the Universe: either with writing the wish and/or burning it, in order to make full use of this ultimate healing moment which is all about focus.

The procedure to make your personal ‘healing wish charm’ is as follows:

  • Take a square piece of paper and divide this paper into 9 equal ‘boxes’ like a Luo Shu square, by folding it.
  • Write your specific healing wish in the center of this piece of paper.
  • Be very clear on your wish
    • For instance: Wish: I command the Universe to give me a healthy and long life and repair my current lung problem and make my lungs function 100% again.
  • Write down 4 things that you are willing to do in order to reach the goal, which is written in the center. Use four of the boxes to write each down.
    • For instance: ‘I will stop smoking’ and start a training program
  • In exchange for the four things that you wrote down, ‘what do you want the Universe to do for you?’. Write these four down as well in the other four boxes.
  • What do I expect the Universe do to for me?
    • Make my lungs function 100% again.
  • Now all 9 boxes should have something written in it.
  • Sign your ‘contract’ with the Universe. Once you signed it, commit to it!
  • Fold this paper into a Flower like this Lotus Flower video shows you. If this turns out to be too difficult, fold whatever suits you: an aeroplane, a boat etc.
  • On Monday December 19, at 13.30 hrs. sit with your face to the North West (so face North West) direction and start your meditation.
  • Be in meditative stage for as long as it suits you and then read your wish out loud and clear, and Command the Universe for Healing
  • This is a ritual that should suit your personality and energy level. Take your time to fully concentrate on your healing wish and sending it off to the Universe
  • You can burn a candle or your favourite  incense during the ritual to feel more comfortable and get into the mood
  • After you read your Healing Wish out loud, burn your Lotus Flower
  • When you start your first of four actions that you wrote down in your charm, then your contract is received by the Universe and healing can take place.


Wishing you an excellent healing moment and sending you healthy Qi!



Photo: Jay Castor





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