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Just wanted to share this testimonial from March 2017 on a BaZi reading for one of my customers….this is about living YOUR life!

‘I don’t know if you have received my previous e-mail last year, but everything you wrote is unbelievable and I keep going back and reading it. Also the things you mentioned about meeting someone new at some point and having have to make a decision also became true. This so amazing, I really appreciate it thanks so much’. Mrs. GT – London


After studying and documenting the interaction between the forces of our Universe and the influence of these forces on Mother Earth, the Chinese found the omnipresent force of Qi (Energy) – that interacts with the life of every person on this planet – to be an important factor. They realised that the time of birth and the forces that were working at that very moment describes the characteristics on the Qi (Energy) of a person, a business or a world event.

BaZi or Eight Signs, is a 3000 years ancient Chinese system and represents the calculation of your birthdate, – time and -place into an Eight Signs chart. This chart reveals the Qi of i.e. your personality, character, talents, health, wealth, romance, children- and family relations, money- and career opportunities. A BaZi chart can be calculated for adult persons, children, a business or world events.

In your personal BaZi chart, one of the most important readings is Qi (Energy) of the season of the month where you (or your Day Master Element) are born in. For instance, a Water Day Master, born in a winter season month of Water, is a freezing cold Day Master and needs the Fire Element to warm up. As a ‘living example’ of a Day Master like this, these persons are likely to get very depressive as soon as the Autumn- and Winter seasons are tuning in. Take this person to a sunny environment, and they melt like ice and become a warm hearted personality again. In terms of Energy, one could say that the piece of ice gets into flow by warming it up and turning it into water again.

Another example; a Wood Day Master element born in the season of Autumn is a weak Day Master, as wood element is constantly cut by the Autumn Metal element; we might see a lot of fighting spirit in this person, as to fight off what cuts him all the time. A Wood Day Master, born in its own Spring season is a thriving or prosperous Day Master and expresses to be a very confident personality.

Well, what is now the use of this knowledge of your own BaZi chart, since you cannot change the timing of your birth?! With this knowledge, you can take personal advantage of opportunities and timing in a BaZi chart, and thus embrace the positive energies that are coming with it. In times of less advantageous energies, one is prepared to take preventive measures and rebuild energy for better moments to come. You can experience your life effectively with a BaZi analysis and ‘live YOUR life’.

Nothing is good or bad, it is just a matter of explaining the ‘landscape’ of a person in harmony with Mother Nature. BaZi advisors try to find out and advise you what elements you need in order to be on top of your energies and make the best use of them.

Let’s explore the cycle of Qi (Energy) that forms the BaZi seasons…

Wood Season is the timing of Nature for waking up and growth on Mother Earth. This is a period of new impulses, vitality and dynamics. People with lots of wood in their birth charts have the potential of growth, development and major developments in their life. Like a bamboo, which, even when you cut it away, will always show up again. In business, the Wood element represents branching out or franchising. And if the BaZi of your company (yes, you can make a birth chart for your company) shows lots of wood element, be prepared to branch out or set up franchises!

  • Wood Season Months: February (Tiger), March (Rabbit) and April (Dragon)
  • Landscape of wood season: Rainforest with abundant trees and vegetation


Fire Season is the timing of Nature to warm up Mother Earth. As the fire goes upwards, it is about being ‘seen’, being famous and popular. It represents performance, elegance and beauty. It indicates command authority, high status and the ability to inspire, influence, mold and arouse passion in others, as well as spiritual practices and abilities.  In business, fire represents image and corporate identity. Once a fire is ignited, it might be seen from far away and destroying everything in it its way: imagine a wildfire that is hard to extinguish.

  • Fire Season Months: May (Snake), June (Horse), July (Goat)
  • Fire Season Landscape: Hot, sunny and dry day


Metal Season is the timing of Nature to withdraw in itself. The time of harvest and reaping the fruits of sowing in springtime as well as preparing for winter and hibernation. Metal is hard, heavy and stable. In a person it represents decision making, justice, altruism, righteousness and the ability to manage finances, it commands authority and solid principles, good financial judgement and monetary skills. Metal is about the ability to communicate well with others and to generate new rules and guidelines. In Business it is about climbing the corporate ladder and achieving high positions or status.

  • Metal Season Months: August (Monkey), September (Rooster), October (Dog)
  • Metal Season Landscape: Falling leaves and barren trees


Water Season is the timing of Nature to prepare ‘underground’ for the wood season to come. The time of feeding plants and trees during their hibernation, so that they have the power to sprout at the right time. Water represents wisdom and deep thinking, studies, research, philosophy and (wild) emotions. It also indicates constant change like a wild river. In private and business, the flow of water means communication and travel.

  • Water Season Months: November (Pig), December (Rat), January (Ox)
  • Water Season Landscape: Torrential rain, a blizzard or an immense pool of water


The Chinese studies of BaZi are a lifelong and continuous learning, it is a rewarding interpretation of the Life Path of a person, business or world event. Every time, I am astonished how much knowledge on the Cosmos and our place in this Universe was already known around 3000 years ago. In fact, our cultures are built on it. Imagine, there were no computers and adequate measure instruments like we have nowadays and it was a knowledge used by all cultures: African, Asian, Arabic, Greek, Indian, Indigenous Australians, Native American, etc. maybe in a different way, but all interpretations come to a more or less same conclusion: we live and have to live in harmony with Mother Nature and our Universe in order to live healthy lives!

Almost 10 years of study and 500+ BaZi readings gave me the opportunity to test theory with practice. The most common remark that I heard is: ‘it is like you are holding up a mirror’. Many people come back for a yearly update of their Life Path and I am grateful to be of help to interpret their energies towards a positive engagement.

 Henriette M. Driessens©

August 2016


Photo by Anton Repponen




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