The Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

Well, enjoy this reading for Fire Rooster year 2017.  And wishing you to embrace the cycle of elements that tells us so much about our energetic surroundings and is greatly influencing our living- and working surroundings. As always, stay aware of the challenges this year.

My personal idea is: if you recognize what is lying ahead, then you can deal with it. My best advice: always focus on the positives of the year, as they will easily guide you through this cardinal animal of metal signs – with the purest and maximum charged energy.

Happy reading and sending you healthy Qi,

Henriette Driessens


General prospects for Fire Rooster Year 2017

The transition of Fire Rooster Year starts on February 3, 2017, whereas the Lunar Year begins on January 28, 2017, and we are looking again at a rather imbalanced astrological BaZi chart and year. Like in 2016, where we had many unexpected happenings and surprises i.e. Brexit – where the UK decided to leave the EU, and the rather controversial Donald Trump becoming President-elect in the USA. Both these political decisions were taken on close (50/50%) percentages of the votes and do not reflect a majority in a country and therefore propel strong internal contradictions and opinions. Think about the countries where (civil) wars and political struggles are going on: Syria, Irak, Turkey. And in Europe: the elections coming up in France and Germany in 2017 and nobody knows if the populist parties are going to take charge because of the fact the people are unhappy with the political establishment. The challenging influences that are surrounding our political, economical-, business- and private world will even last as long as September 2018.

The Fire Rooster is holding the conflict of Fire and Metal in its pillar, like this year when the Fire Monkey had its influence. As Fire is controlling the Metal, we again may expect instabilities and changes in the world. Fire and Metal is visualised as an explosion or melt-down, like we have seen a lot in 2016. Next to real explosions, we could also think of igniting political explosions: i.e. cancelling Trade Contracts like TTP or frictions between USA-Russia-China, UK and Europe or Turkey and Europe.

Unlike in 2016, the Fire element in 2017 is of yin quality, compare it to a more soft and smart strategy in politics, one can think of the term diplomacy, but still explosive, as one candle can ignite a whole forest. Yin Fire, being pictured as the candle that glows in the night, indicates that things might be happening‘behind the scenes’ and not always visible to the greater public. With only one wood element in the 2017 chart, which is attacked by the strong metal, overall the situation in the world might impose a feeling of fear and scarcity upon us.

 As this particular Yin Fire of the year 2017 is born around midnight (of February 3) it looks like a twinkle star. The reflection and combination of yin fire on the yang water, which we find in the month pillar, triggers the growth or appearance of new shining stars in the virtual reality world.

What holds Fire Rooster Year 2017 for  people and business?

bazi-2017      2017 BaZi Chart

 Looking at the BaZi chart, Metal (justice, decision making) is the strongest, dominant and most successful element in 2017 and it means good fortune in 2017. If your personal BaZi chart is blessed by the metal element, you are going to be lucky! If it is weak, expect some emotional issues. In business we might face competition, regularly pressure and cash flow issues.

Metal element is very much connected to the financial and banking sector, automobile- and manufacturing, as well as military and legal businesses; these are all on the rise in 2017. Metal acts like magnets and will be an important indicator for the unity of people and unions might become stronger as well as cooperation to pursue private- or business activities.

The second strongest element is Water (wisdom, knowledge) and persons with both water and metal element in their chart, are surrounded by opportunities in 2017. Expect a change of job and if the water in your BaZi chart is in the Year- and Month pillar, just stay put, as people are looking for you. If it is in the Day- and Hour pillar, you will have to look for new opportunities yourself. Water in general is related to movement, innovation, talent, opportunities and positive changes, so go for it!

In terms of business we speak about the related industries that occupy themselves with tourism, beverages, fast moving consumer goods, service industries, transport and logistics. They are ‘on the move’this year. Water is equivalent to ‘sales’ in 2017, and on a personal level it means the ability to influence other people, it means leadership and selling your idea. When the water in your personal chart is on top, you are very influential this year, when it is on the bottom, you will have to find ways to convince people somehow.

The third element of importance is Fire (generosity, dignity). New breakthroughs, innovative ideas, determination, collaboration and competition are around in 2017 due to fire element. For instance, new applications could be launched, new technologies will be used and strategic innovation is helping our businesses forward, as without innovation there is no future. Since innovation is quite costly, look for areas that are effective and create opportunities.

Fire businesses in the fields of energy, like oil and gas, IT, Telecommunication, Food, Hospitality, Start Ups, Entertainment, Media, Aviation and Pharmaceutical will have opportunities to flourish this year. Fire means ‘profits’ this year for businesses (though cash might be tight) and if you have fire element in your personal chart, then you have a fantastic year. This might not always reflect in money, but also in a fun- and enjoyable year.

Wood (kindness, compassion) and Earth (trustworthiness, stability) are the weakest and most challenging elements in 2017. This affects wood industries like: plantation, herbs, botanical, teaching, education, cultural activities, wood craft.  As well as real estate, property and building materials, natural resources, insurance, which we relate to earth industries. One could say that kindness, compassion, trustworthiness and stability is less pronounced this year. If your entire personal BaZi chart consists only of wood and earth, you will have a lot of challenges in terms of health, relationships, investments, career etc. Keep on reading how to enhance your Fire Rooster Year..

 How to enhance your Fire Rooster Year!

The best thing to do is FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE!  Use the good things in Feng Shui and personal BaZi chart and take most benefit out of that.

 Feng Shui – Energies in your Home in 2017:

In Feng Shui, we divide our home in the 8 compass directions and see which rooms are in the different directions. If you have a missing part in one of the directions of your home, be sure to really take good care of that space: make it beautiful with a nice garden or plants. Because whatever you are missing in your home, will distress personal life.

Each room of your home will receive the energy of the indicated number in 2017. Check out how you can use the positive rooms in Fire Rooster year, and remember to focus your activities on the positive energies!

That means, activate the positive rooms in 2017 by being in that room, working, sleeping or use a fan, clock, radio, tv to activate, when you are not there.

In the unfavourable rooms, we do not want to reside or activate this year at all. Keep these rooms quiet and do not renovate the SOUTH at all this year, as it will bring misfortunes. 

Put the next grid over the floor plan of your home:



Favourable sectors in 2017: Occupy and/or Activate!

South East: Star 9 – Happy Events & Promotions – HeTu 4/9

This sector will add to your wealth and happiness in Fire Rooster year! It is concerned with jobs and promotion, status, recognition, happy events, new ventures and new prospects.  Even better with a main door in this sector, wealth activities such as investment and/or work activities that have to do with ‘recognition or the ‘limelight’ will prosper. Star 9 is concerned with ‘future money’(investments). Activate this sector by being there as often as possible. Even if you have no main door in this sector, you activate the energy by placing a Yang object, like a fan, clock, radio or television (an object that moves the energy) in this area.

North: Star 6 – Authority & Promotion – HeTu 1/6

The North sector will boost career prospects and your positive initiatives will pay off with promotion and authority. People around you will recognize your endeavours and your person which might lead to salary increase as well. With a main door in this sector, your status will increase in your working- and social environment. Starting something new in the fields of R&D, or new ideas are part of this area as the resource element (6 metal star   is resource element to 1 water star) will visit this year.

East: Star 8 – Wealth & Finance – HeTu 3/8

Houses and/or offices that have their main doors locates in this sector will normally enjoy good financial returns or strong potential for career advancement. Star 8 is concerned with ‘current wealth’. And the He-Tu combination 3-8 here this year, also generates wealth. Use this room as much as possible, but DO NOT renovate here!

North East: Star 4 – Romance & Academic activities

Named the academic sector for 2017, this brings a favourable outlook for those involved in academic or scholarly pursuits. This is a good sector for making a living in the creative, artistic or literary fields.  If you sit here, you might also expect to do some travelling and there is potential for romantic times and fulfilling relationships for couples frequently using this area in their Home.


Middle or Tai Ji: Star 1 – Reputation & Nobility

Scholars and academics should use this area actively, especially those involved in philosophy, writing, research and literary pursuits may want to sit here for more rewarding results. Also beneficial for career and wealth related activities though it may lead to travelling for this purpose. For couples that like to get married or to start a family this area is prosperous. This area can also lead to good name and reputation and bring about nobility. However, on the subject of health, emotional instability and depression can be a potential problem.

Less Auspicious Sectors in 2017

South: Star 5 – Danger & Accidents

Absolutely NO renovation or ground-breaking in this sector in your home, office or business in 2017!!! Activating this sector could lead to accidents, disasters and catastrophes. The best thing is to keep this area quiet and inactive. However, if it is an important area that you need to use, you might neutralize the negative energies by placing heavy objects of metal in this area. If you need to do renovation or ground-breaking in the south area, you have time to do it till February 2, 2017 or after February 4, 2018.


South West: Star 7 – Rivalry, Robbery – HeTu 2/7

Arguments and volatile emotions dominate this sector. Even loss of items by robbery, so  change your locks in this area. For those who have existing medical complications, it also indicates the possibility of hospitalization or surgery. This sector receives the output star (7 metal star is output for 2 earth star) and indicates hard work and creation of wealth.

West: Star 3 – Arguments & Gossips – Combo 10 (3/7)

The negative influence of this star may result in constant arguments, heated discussions and disagreement. In extreme cases legal complications and lawsuits. In order to weaken the negative aspects in this area, place a fire object, like an oil lamp, candle or bright red item in this sector all year. When you absolutely have to occupy this sector, for instance in your office, sit with your back to the west, at least the energy of the Grand Duke will make you look ‘bigger’ which gives you more authority and control of the workplace.

North West: Star 2 – Sickness & Stress

This area means (returning) health problems and illness and pregnant women should completely avoid this area in 2017 as it might endanger their pregnancy. To weaken the negative energy, place a heavy metal object in this area (copper, brass, bronze or pewter). For gains through and investment in properties and real estate, this area is positive.


The HeTu and Combo 10 in the different sections will strengthen that specific section and indicates wealth generation. Expect wealth generation even in the less auspicious sectors, so in West, Star 3 sector: wealth generation comes with arguments, etc.

This is the first of several articles on the energies for 2017.

Watch this space for: Personal BaZi Energies, Activations to be made in 2017 and many more! Do not forget to ‘follow’ our site, and you will automatically receive new publications.

Henriette Driessens©

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