Love is in the air…..

For our readers, I post a testimonial from a dear and long time friend, who has been one of my loyal followers over the last years. This great lady used the Lotus Technique and a special date which I selected for her early 2017, which she used to do her life time ‘ask’. Not long after – she described is as ‘it came rather quick’ – her boyfriend proposed to her…. and now we say: congratulations!!!

‘Henriette was kind enough to introduce me to QMDJ and encourage me to work my wishes through a Lotus, on my life changing date. For your wishes to happen, you need to put in specific work and effort. I admit that I asked for two things but put proper effort for one of them (so far), and what I asked for was achieved and the time frame was very short and it happened fast. I thank Henriette for her push and advice and I encourage everyone to try it’. (MZ)

Just wanted to share this testimonial about a wonderful result of the Lotus Technique:

  • Putting your mind to it by positive thinking…
  • Find guidance with the QMDJ for the right time & place
  • Command the Universe through meditation and action


I encourage you to try it and find your Life Time Change!

Wishing you all positive Qi!





Foto: Azrul Aziz

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