Make a wish (1)…!!!

The Qi Factory & Team wishes you a sparkling New Year with excellent health, positive thoughts, innovation and inspiration and last but not least: stay in action mode at the right time and with the right direction! 

For all of you that want to make a wish, there is an important wish fulfilling day coming up on December 31st at 00.30 hrs, back to the West. Remember this is the night from 30 to 31st December…!

This very special moment equals your personal ‘Broad Band Access to the Universe’. Prepare and think carefully about what you wish for…
At 00.30 hrs: sit with your back to the west and make ONE wish.
Make your wish very clear.
Describe what the OUTCOME of your wish should be (do not describe a goal).

This timing can also be used to make a wish for other people!!! For instance, if you wish your best friend to recover from an illness.

Unfortunately this timing is not suitable for people with a Dog in their personal BaZi chart!

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6 responses to Make a wish (1)…!!!

  1. Ragheda says:

    Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a happy new year

  2. Margarite says:

    Henriette, How kind of you to give us dogy people another opening. Wishing you much success & many magical projects in 2018

  3. Stewart Sal says:

    Great Article! Appreciate you sharing your knowledge!!

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