Boost your Objectives for 2018!

Certainly, you are all working on your list of good intentions, objectives and goals for the New Year! Like many of us, we start out with writing them down and after a while forget about it.

Well here is your way of being reminded and to accelerate your planning!

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How to boost your New Year’s Good Intentions, Objectives and Goals:

We use the Power of Body, Mind, Soul and Action and work with auspicious timings and directions of the Qi Planner, to support your objectives for 2018!

See the instructions in the agenda when you click on the dates.

  • We gain ACCESS to our own energy – we do this by bringing together mind, body and soul through meditation.
  • We EXPAND the energy the universe has made available for us – we do this by using the right direction and time.
  • We TRANSFORM this energy into a movement towards something we want – we do this by taking action.

The more, the better of the above. That’s all…then keep cool & enjoy the changes!

Happy Qi Planning in 2018!

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