Wealth Date…$$$

Here is the announcement of an important date on January 29th at 15.30 hrs, back to the East! Unfortunately this timing is not for persons with a Rabbit in their personal BaZi chart.

For all those, who are looking for wealth & fortune – not only $$$, but also in body, mind and soul – this timing is great to plan on business- and personal goals. For business, this timing is connected to raving customers…and also excellent to make personal wishes. See the earlier blog post: Make a Wish (2).

What to do!

Write down your goals and at the above timing: meditate and envision the outcome of your aspirations. Heaven Deity, who is ultimate guide for envisioning, is almost at the highest level 6, and will help you to reach out to your wishes. After you finished your meditation, always follow up with ACTION towards your goals: write an email, make an appointment or official announcement, schedule a meeting or phone call, etc.

Business Goals

Making official announcements, conducting business deals, travel, building up resource and communication, career promotion and -advancement, assuming a new position, securing a new job, expanding business, wealth creating projects,

Personal Goals

Self Cultivation and meditation, praying, subconscious mind programming (like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Silva Method etc),  to change bad habits and to manifest thoughts. It also helps to find the post or platform to fulfil your aspirations. Marriage and moving house and it will give you a clear vision and peace of mind.

In short….this timing is good for almost anything!

Use this timing, think carefully about your goals and as always wishing you good luck!






Photo: Mona Magnussen



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