‘Tie the Knot’ in 2018!

Love is in the air in 2018….and this is especially true if you are a (male) Jia- or Yi-Daymaster or a (female) Gui- or Ren-Daymaster. As for you, Wu Earth year 2018, means ‘partner’ to arrive. Of course, you have to be on the look-out and don’t let this opportunity pass by!

Other Day Masters also have possibilities…don’t worry, you can all use the next timings to ‘Tie the Knot’ in 2018!

January 22, 2018 at 06.30 hrs, back to East, not for Monkey

Meet with your partner – for instance in love metropole Paris – for breakfast or surprise your partner with a sumptuous love-meal at home: place your partner with his/her back to the West and sit yourself with your back to the East.

Due to a special constellation in the East, you will look prettier than ever to your partner, actually you are irresistible. Now you can ask him/her to improve the relationship, discuss Love Life and/or Tie the Knot!

East: Hexagram 13 Fellowship, West: Hexagram 59 Dispersing

March 10, 2018 at 06.30 hrs – South East – Not for Snake

Same style breakfast meeting, another timing: sit with your back to South East and your partner with his/her back to North West. Discuss love life and/or ‘Tie the Knot’.

South East: Hexagram 33 Retreat, North West: Hexagram 20 Observation

June 11, 2018 at 15.30 hrs – West – Not for Dragon

During this timing, your partner sits with his/her back to the East and you sit with your back to the West. Discuss love life with your partner and ask for the ‘wedding deal’.

West: Hexagram 33 Retreat, East: Hexagram 20 Observation.

Bachelor or Bachelorette

If you are (still) a bachelor or bachelorette: on the above mentioned timings, sit with your back to the indicated direction: do a wish or command for what you want to improve in your relationships.

If you do a wish for a partner: do not ask for a name of a partner, like: I would like to meet Peter. Instead, ask for qualities: like my partner should be ’emotionally available’, humerous, etc.

Peach Blossom

What else can you do to attract a partner?! Activate your Peach Blossom Star: Rabbit in East 2, Horse in South 2, Rooster in West 2 and normally Rat in North 2. However,  in 2018, it is better not to activate the Rat as it is an inauspicious area in 2018.

Place for instance a fresh bouquet of flowers in your specific Peach Blossom star direction as mentioned above, or make that area more beautiful in your house.

Peach Blossom star activation will make you more charming to the opposite sex. Furthermore, your emotional life, sexual desire, love and marriage will be positively affected…as well as your ‘dark side’. It will also make you more compassionate, romantic, responsible, soft, clever and talented and boost your artistic nature.

Improve your relationship!

The above mentioned dates are specifically selected, to improve your relationship in a positive way or to ‘Tie the Knot’ ….do not use these dates to ask for, or command a break up with your partner!

Want to know your Daymaster?

If you are interested to know which Day Master you are or what your Peach Blossom Star is, please email us here with your birthdate, -time and -place.
Happy Love Life!

From the Qi Factory Team

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    thanks a lot for great info i m yi dm n single hope this year will i get my soulmate

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