Make a Wish (3)…!!!

Readers with dog or rabbit in your personal BaZi charts….here is your chance!

Alternative Wish-Fulfilling Date on March 16, 2018 at 23.30 hrs, back to the West. Heaven Deity – for envisioning the outcome of your wish – is at level 5!

This very special moment equals your personal ‘Broad Band Access to the Universe’. Prepare and think carefully about what you wish for…
At 23.30 hrs: sit with your back to the West and make ONE wish.
Make your wish very clear.
Describe what the OUTCOME of your wish should be (do not describe a goal).

This timing can also be used to make a wish for other people!!! For instance, if you wish your best friend to find a new partner, or heal from an illness.

Unfortunately this timing is not suitable for people with an Ox in their personal BaZi chart!

Enjoy your ‘Make a Wish’ timing,

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8 responses to Make a Wish (3)…!!!

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello there Lieu Chee Kiong! The timings indicated are always local time. So you use 23.30 hrs or 11.30 pm local, wherever you are in the world. Then the energies are the most auspicious. Good luck with your meditation and ACTION! Best, Henriette

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        You are welcome…great having you with us Chee Kiong! Sending Qi, Henriette

      • Liz says:

        Hello Henriette, the meditation & action means we must to a lotus wish? Or just plainly wish & envision the outcome?
        Thank you!

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        Hi Liz…meditation, wish and envision the outcome is what you should do! Good luck & enjoy!

  1. vishal says:

    thanks u very much henriette for your guide . hope soon will hear more about hook deity as it my guardian deity i m waiting .

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Yes, we will cover all deities in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned…

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