Feng Shui & Activations in 2018

On February 4th 2018, the Chinese Calendar changes into the Earth Dog (Wu Xu) Year.

This year’s, Feng Shui, which describes the energies in your house, draws our attention to the auspicious and inauspicious areas.  The technique used for this analyse, is named Flying Stars. The star of the area of the house is a given and will not change, the year-stars come ‘flying in’ to give us the Qi energies or in modern words, the optimal broadband Wi-Fi connection, for that year.

How to use these areas?

In Period 8, the auspicious Flying Stars in terms of ranking are Star 8, Star 9 and Star 1. The stars 4 and 6 are also auspicious to use. The sectors which have these stars will receive the best Qi or energy, compared to the other sectors.

Qi is just like Wi-Fi waves, in some areas you get better broadband reception and connectivity than in some other areas. You can spend more time in the areas where Stars 8, 9 and 1 as well as 4 and 6 are located, to enjoy the auspicious Qi there. Spend less or no time in the inauspicious sectors of your property.

The auspicious areas that have a Combo 10 or HeTu constellations are strengthened and the result will be even more visible. The annual flying stars are for short term use, usually for a year. Next year, the 9 stars will fly into another location.

For 2018, lay the next square diagram over your house and remember for orientation: in this drawing, the North is at the bottom, and the South is at the top. East is on the left side and West is on the right side.

Graphic: Red sectors are auspicious and grey sectors less auspicious.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 07.44.02.png

 Auspicious areas in 2018 (red)

The auspicious areas, we want to use frequently, like working or sleeping or staying there, as it will support your specific endeavours in that area. Even when you are not in the area, have a radio or TV to play or a moving clock, so the energies are moved around and get in flow.

South EastStar 8 is a wealth star, which is a cash flow star. This is your ultimate wealth area in 2018. Stay here a lot and preferably work in this area. Your reputation will be hugely improved and it will lead to new career opportunities as well as wealth. A main door in this area will add to you reaping the benefits of wealth and reputation. A moving water feature would be positive to implement in this area in 2018.

SouthStar 4 is an academic or scholastic star to acquire knowledge, skills, and talents. This star also promote romance. In this area, your creative activities will be boosted with energy. Use this room as a study or for other intellectual-, artistic- and creative pursuits. If you would like to write a book, use the South this year, to start off your writing. With a main door in this area, your success to find prospects and relationships for love will take off. The special constellation named HeTu, will increase the chances to huge success in academic activities and/or relationships and romantic endeavours.

South WestStar 6 represents authority, power, influence and ability to take action/execute. For encouragement of your professional endeavours, to receive recognition and to influence others, this is the area to be in with your office desk. A sleeping room or main door would be beneficial as well. From May 5 – June 5, when using this area, expect to receive money from properties or real estate.

North WestStar 1 represents noble people, wisdom, knowledge, connection. This area has a positive influence on wealth accumulation in 2018. Your broad band Wi-Fi connection for career advancement, academic pursuits, travel, social skills, relationships and even getting married, is at its best. Enjoy being in this area! The one thing that could be negatively influenced by that area, is your emotions. Advice: try to keep your emotions under control in 2018.

CenterStar 9 is a secondary wealth star for investments. The center star, tells us the overall topic or theme of 2018. As a secondary wealth star, it indicates that investments and probably a promotion will be of importance this year.

Inauspicious areas in 2018 (grey)

The inauspicious areas, we try to avoid and preferably not stay there at all, if possible. And we certainly do not dig in the earth, nail and/or renovate in those areas in 2018, especially not in the North. We keep the Qi in these areas quiet and do not disturb it.

NorthStar 5 is known as 5 Yellow is the most dangerous and negative of all the nine stars. It relates to serious setbacks and repercussions such as bankruptcy, misfortune, disasters, catastrophes and even diseases. Use metal, like a wind chime or a lot of bronze, copper, iron or brass objects in this area.

WestStar 2 relates to sickness, illness, ailments and health-related problems. To relieve the inauspicious energies, place a lot of bronze, copper, iron or brass objects in this area.

North EastStar 3 relates to misunderstandings, arguments, disputes, legal issues. To relieve the inauspicious energies, place a red object in this area, for instance a red carpet or lamp. The arguments in this area will be lessened and relieved by the HeTu combination 3-8.

EastStar 7 relates to robbery, theft, slanderous remarks and people, injury and hazards caused by fire and sharp objects. As this area is blessed with Combo 10 this year, the negative effects will be lessened in 2018.


 Other important areas to take into consideration!

  • Do not awaken the energies in the areas of Pig, Rat and Ox, this is the area reaching from Nord West 3 – North East 1: 322,6 – 37.5 degrees on your compass. This means, do not nail, dig or renovate in this area in 2018! As the sign of Rat is ruling the North, we have a double inauspicious situation, with the Yellow 5 star is in that area as well. Keep this whole area as quiet as possible.
  • Do not disturb the direction of the Year Breaker in Dragon South East 1 between 112,6 – 127,5 degrees on your compass. This can bring considerable problems during travel and even accidents. Recommended is not to dig, nail and renovate in this sector and avoid loud music, parties etc. It is great to sit with your nose in this direction though: then you can keep an eye on the Year Breaker ;-)!
  • Do not face the direction of the Grand Duke in Dog 292,6 – 307,5 degrees on your compass as this can bring unexpected arguments and unsuccessful actions, nothing goes smooth. And do not disturb this area by digging, nailing or renovating in 2018! Sit with your back in this direction, and the energy of the Grand Duke is with you!


What if?

What if your neighbour suddenly starts to dig or renovate in the North area of your property? This will influence you and your household: unless you use activation dates for the Noble Stars as described after. Advise: do these activations for 2018.


Here is how to do the Activation!

  • By making noise, use music, move furniture, open a window/door or nail in this area.
  • For nailing: find the middle of the indicated sector on your compass and take a nail and hammer and practice ‘acupuncture’ in this sector to activate the auspicious energies.


Here are the Dates for your Activation

  • February 13, 2018 at 06.30 hrs (not for Horse) OR
  • February 19, 2018 at 13.30 hrs. (not for Rat). 

Activation of the Dragon Virtue star in Snake South East 3 sector minimalizes the inauspicious energies. It opens doors and shows you the path of success and opportunities as well as good messages, breaks through barriers and fixes problems. In general: a good omen star for signing contracts, build wealth, bring noble (helpful people), prepare for travel, festive occasions.

  • March 8, 2018 at 15.30 hrs: SW 1 Goat (not for Snake) OR
  • March 17, 2018 at 07.30 hrs (not for Tiger).

Activation of Fortune Virtue star in Goat South West 1 sector means happy events, nice meetings, good relationships. Blockages and obstacles can by removed with the help of Noble people or Mentors. The quality of life improves, satisfaction and contentment as well as good health and positive ending of problems is coming your way with this star.

If you have an animal mentioned above in your personal BaZi chart, like Dragon, Snake etc. you cannot activate on the those dates. The good news is that you can ask someone else to do the activations in your house: like your husband, your daughter or son etc. Of course this person should not have Rat or Snake etc. in their chart.


San Cai

In the theory of San Cai meaning ‘Heaven’, ‘People’, ‘Earth’, with this article on Feng Shui, we described the Earth Situation for 2018. With using the auspicious areas of your property as well as with the proper activations, you already have corrected and improved 33,3% of your Qi Energy.

The techniques of People (Qi Planning) and Heaven (BaZi) will be published shortly!

Wishing you a great Earth Activation!

The Qi Factory Team


Foto: George Tsapakis


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  1. Julianne says:

    What if we missed the activation dates? Would it still be effective, only less so? What do you think of water activation? Thank you…

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      There are more activation dates coming….follow the blog where I will publish…

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        Water activation, only in certain areas and only if you are an experienced Feng Shui person!

  2. Dawa d says:

    I placed my water fountain half a month ago in southeast sector, not sure if that sector is really southeast 😐 pls help

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Dawa, check the article that I have send you! Sending Qi, Henriette

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