Unlock your subconscious (3): Great Moon Deity!

Do you feel a special connection with that marvellous Moon that shines bright and shows us the way at night? Then you might be blessed with the wisdom and qualities of Moon Deity.

Great Moon Deity (Tai Yin) is the wisdom guide and always surrounded by a secretive aura. Tai means something extreme or someone with great wisdom and Yin is female, darkness, passiveness, silence etc.

As an auspicious power this Deity of Blessings is compared to the nature of the Moon, shining in all its beauty, wrapped in the mysterious darkness of the night. Linked to softness in thoughts and emotions, Moon Deity is also about protection and refuge as well as actions in darkness and concealment, like espionage.

People with the qualities of the Great Moon Deity will be happiest if they share their knowledge and wisdom. As they are more introvert, they like to keep their deepest feelings to themselves and prefer (self-) reflection to socialising even though they can be quite talkative. Their creative instincts and creations might show in art, literature and music activities. In terms of health, they especially have to take care of their mental health by meditation.

Great Moon individuals are able to ‘foresee’ which helps them in their strategic thinking and they have a powerful intellect to solve problems in their professional activities. In their personal life, they have a tendency to keep people at a distance as sharing their personal feelings is not their strongest point. This might cause suspicion and distrust with others and friends might not be around in times of need. So, Great Moon: go out and talk to people!

Some characteristics: curious, modest, unselfish, benevolent, visionary, problem solvers, highly knowlegeable (equivalent to a walking encyclopedia), which might in the end cause them the label as ‘knowing too much’ or being too clever for their own good. Blessed with an enormous dose of creativity, they could be artists or musicians as well as in academic posts or work as a secret agent. And, last but not least….their wealth is ‘hidden’ in their wisdom.

A Personal Deity is your guide in life and represents universal divine powers of spirits that are with you since the day you were born…maybe you have not noticed consciously, however, be aware that your personal deity – and its qualities –  is around and ready to help you at any time.

Read more in the blogpost: ‘Unlock your subconscious’ (1) if you are interested in background information on Destiny Deities.

Sending Qi!

The Qi Factory Team



Photocredit: Ganapathy Kumar


6 responses to Unlock your subconscious (3): Great Moon Deity!

  1. Lu Nowvaratana says:

    Do u automatically hv the characteristic of your destiny guardian?

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Thanks for your question Lu Nowvaratana, yes indeed, you have those characteristics and you can call upon them anytime! Sending Qi, Henriette

      • Olivia Fungavaka says:

        How do you call upon your deity?

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        Hello Olivia, in your meditation, envision your deity and ask for its qualities to become available to you! In case of Great Moon deity, its wisdom for instance! Sending Qi, Henriette

  2. Seán Moore says:

    Very good article, Tai Yin is my guardian and it describes me really accurately. Also from a Bazi perspective, my day pillar is Ding Mao-Fire Rabbit, and both Yin Fire and the Rabbit are associated with the Moon to one degree or another, so this description definitely applies to me.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      That is great Seán! Happy you see yourself in the characteristics of Great Moon Deity! Enjoy your wisdom and sending Qi, Henriette

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