This week’s Reminder for General Auspicious Dates!

Here is your short reminder for auspicious timings this week! For more information, check out the blogposts regarding these dates.


Activations for 2018 (not for Snake): March 8, 2018 at 15.30 hrs. (3.30 pm).

Activate South West 1 (Goat) between 202,5 and 217,5 degrees. How to activate: find more information here!

Hexagram 49 – Reform resides in South West.


Relationship ‘Tie the Knot’ (not for Goat): March 10, 2018 at 06.30 hrs. (6.30 am).

Sit with your back to South East and place your partner with his/her back to the North West. Discuss your love life and ‘Tie the Knot. Find more information here!

Hexagram 33 – Retreat resides in South East and Hexagram 20 – Observation resides in North West.


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