This week’s reminder for General Auspicious Dates!

Here is your short reminder for auspicious timings for the week of 19 – 25 March, 2018


Wealth Generation – West (not for Snake): March 20, 2018 at 05.30 – 07.00 hrs

Sit with your back to the indicated direction for a business meeting for wealth generation.

Or….sit with your back to the indicated direction to meditate on generating wealth, command the Universe and take action!

Suitable for trading, marriage, moving into an new house, expanding a business, going for a long business journey, sending a sales team, making calls. All things are good, anything can be accomplished.


Relationship Improvement – East (not for Monkey) on March 23, 2018 at 05.30 – 07.00 hrs.

Organise and prepare a breakfast meeting with your partner.

Your partner sits with the back to the West and you sit with your back to the East. Sitting in the east will make you looking prettier than pretty to your partner, actually you are irresistible. Now you can ask him/her something to improve the relationship.

If you are alone: do a wish or a command for what you want to improve in your relationship. If you do a wish: do not ask for a name of a partner, like: I would like to meet Peter. Instead, ask for qualities: like my partner should be ’emotionally available’ etc.


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26 responses to This week’s reminder for General Auspicious Dates!

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Welcome, enjoy and let us know how these dates work out for you!

  1. SnowBunny says:

    Dear Henriette,

    Any chances there will be another wealth generation dates later? ๐Ÿ˜ž I missed it.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Yes SnowBunny…I am sure…keep on following the blog and you will bump into it! Sending Qi, Henriette

      • SnowBunny says:

        Thank you so much for sharing such a useful information (โ— โˆ‡โ— ) you are very kind!

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        Thanks SnowBunny….enjoy!

  2. Tyng says:

    Hi, may I know if the timing stated is in what time zone? Like the 0500-0700hrs on 20 March? I’m in GMT+8.. Thank you..

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello there…it is always YOUR own timezone….so 05.00-07.00 hrs is between 5 and 7 in the morning (AM), when it is stated 17.00-19.00 hrs: the timing is in the evening (PM). Always use the same timing as in your own timezone…there is no difference!

      • Tyng says:

        Thank you very much! ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        You are welcome, enjoy and sending Qi, Henriette

  3. Evelyn says:

    Hi, if the indicated sector for activating good Qi is in the year’s negative sector e.g North (5yellow star &3killings or the illness star 2 at West, can we still activate the Qi as recommended? Thank you.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Meditation or meeting: yes, we still can Evelyn, because in our mind we talk to the Deities which are exempt from negative influences. After meditation, we take action, with our back to that area like writing a mail, making a phone call, everything as quiet as possible. Also sitting in a meeting with our back to that area will not trigger negatives, as long as we do not renovate, dig, nail, play loud music in that area.
      Activation: we do NOT activate negative sectors. We keep theses areas quiet: we do not renovate, dig, nail or make loud noises in those areas.
      Good luck and sending Qi! Henriette

      • Evelyn says:

        Appreciate your quick response. Indeed enlightened me on some doubts…just to reconfirm, to activate good Qi by way of sound, nailing should not be done if the said sectors are in the negative area of the year but only when its to meditate and taking action in the designated area is fine? Correct me if I am wrong. Do we have to take into consideration the daily flying stars too. Thank you once again, Henriette.

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        Correct….I never take the daily FS into consideration…again…you are talking to Deities who are exempt of negative influences…

      • Evelyn says:

        Thank you Henriette for all your valuable reply and sharing. Bless you.

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        You are welcome! Sending Qi, Henriette

  4. vijaygt1957 says:

    She is providing so much important information for the improvement of our life.God bless her.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Thank you! My personal joy is, that everybody is entitled to a harmonious life, where relationships, wealth, career, children and many more are working positively out for you! Most importantly, we should not forget to listen to our body, mind and spirit and especially to listen INTO ourselves, to feel what we need! We all have an infinite source of personal energy, we just have to tap into it in the right time and direction! Sending Qi, Henriette

  5. vijaygt1957 says:

    Hello Miss Henriette
    I have relationship problems with my wife ,some time very frequently we are fighting with each other But we also live each other very much .My date of birth is 05march 1957,shillong,India.Her date of birth is not available.But she is born of Oct 1957..Can u suggest some qi measures.
    Same is the problem with my children.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      As I do not have the birthdate, I cannot suggest anything based on BaZi….What you should look at in your house: what is in the South West (relationship) and West (children). Do not clutter that area, or declutter it.

  6. vijaygt1957 says:

    OK thanks very much for your kind attention

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      And perhaps try the Relationship Improvement date that is coming up for Friday March 23, 2018! Good Luck! Henriette

  7. Evelyn says:

    When u said not for monkey…does that mean any monkey animal sign in one’s bazi year pillar or in any one pillar of the bazi? Thank you.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      It means monkey animal in any pillar: year, month, day or hour….Best, Henriette

      • Evelyn says:

        Thank you once again. Best regards.

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        Enjoy the reading Evelyne!

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