Unlock your subconscious (4): Harmony Deity

Harmony Deity (Liu He), the ultimate networker governs relationships, marriage, happiness, communication and co-operation. With their calm and pacifying character, Harmony people tend to be top negotiators and ready to resolve any conflict and bring people together.

The people that connect to Harmony Deity are well dressed, have good manners and a kind and lively character. Like this auspicious Deity, these people are warm, blessed with peoples skills and love social gatherings and meetings where their networking skills show the best. They have an eye for talented people and  their communication- and interpersonal skills will bring them great wealth and  prosperity as networker, mediator, matchmaker, counsellor or manager.

One of their advantages is, that they adapt and can work with in social circumstance and with any social group. They are the harmonious peacekeepers of the bunch: happy, caring, loving and enjoying a high standard and quality of life. They love and master organising any private- or business celebration gathering and will make the best party in any possible way.

Sometimes their kind behaviour might be misunderstood by people and cause ‘broken hearts’ and during their life, they could experience jealousy and resentment because they are in the middle of the scenery and attract all the attention. Their concern about ‘other peoples opinion’ causes them a slight stress or overly thinking. They should not let others walk over them or take advantage of their kindness.

Six Harmony people should use their skills and seize opportunities to connect people in order to make their living or earn their wealth. If they put their mind to it, they will always reach their goals!


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