Unlock your subconscious (5): Hook Deity

Grappling Hook Deity (Gou Chen), the Natural Healer and the protector of elders and ancestors. As this Deity governs land, livestock, farmland, property and agriculture, these people have an affinity with Mother Nature and healing. Hook Deity make good doctors and healers with herbs.

One of Hook’s qualities is their ability to access their past lives and being able to transcend into the spiritual world. And this provides them with an intuition and insight into the future which helps them in all kind of decision taking. They are blessed with the phenomenon of being able to ‘think out of the box’ and finding new ways or experiences which again leads to lots of opportunities.

They love to be in charge, are self centred and emotionally reserved which shows in their struggle to express themselves. They have high expectations and ambitions and dream of a life in luxury. Hooks have their own moral compass and lack teamspirit as they advocate that ‘their way’ is the only way.

Hook Deity is causing stress and panic under people by spreading rumours and gossips and could represent disasters and strange events. They are military related: the General as well as the (organised) criminals and terrorists: masters of fights, wars, assassinations, trauma, injury, accidents and misfortunes. Hook Deities are short tempered, aggressive, stubborn and have a sharp tongue. And because they are stubborn…they do not like to give up easily.

A Personal Deity is your guide in life and represents universal divine powers of spirits that are with you since the day you were born…maybe you have not noticed consciously, however, be aware that your personal deity – and its qualities –  is around and ready to help you at any time.

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  1. Dorothy says:

    Hi there, thanks for the article. It sounds to me the hook deity is related to negative emotions, how should I command the deity to my favour in a positive way? Thanks

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Dorothy!
      Focus on all the great characteristics and positives: natural healer, protector of elders & ancestors, affinity with Mother Nature, can access past lives and transcend into the spiritual world, has intuition and insight in the future, good at taking decisions and thinking OUT OF THE BOX as well as finding new ways or experiences! What more do you want to focus on….And yes: do not gossip and try to express yourself etc.! Avoid or work on the negatives….what do you feel yourself? So command Hook Deity to give you all the positive traits! And work on, and avoid the negative subjects….easy! Good luck and sending you lots of Hook Qi! Henriette

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