Reminder for Auspicious Dates: April 9 – 15, 2018

Here is your short reminder for general auspicious timings for the week of April 9 – April 15, 2018. Make a note in your calendar!

Wealth Generation – North* (not for Tiger): Tuesday April 10, 2018 at 11.30 – 13.00 hrs.

* Use the North with caution in 2018: no noise, no digging, no renovation, no nailing. Keep the area quiet.

Wealth Generation: sit with your back to the indicated direction in a business meeting for wealth generation.

Or sit with your back to the indicated direction: meditate on wealth generation, command the Universe and take action.

Especially for career advance, money making projects, litigation (attending and winning court cases), construction, receiving help from mentors or people with high ranks and making connections with them, partnerships, moving houses, trading, taking long journeys, borrowing or lending money, sending sales people, making calls, launching a new campaign, to wealth and profits increase in business activities. Success will come easily.

Hexagram 14 – Great Reward


Academic Pursuit – South East  (not for Snake): Friday, April 13, 2018 at 15.30 – 17.00 hrs.

Sit with your back to the indicate direction for meditation: Heaven Deity helps you to envision the outcome, and take action: start your education after the meditation.

AND/OR install a water bucket in this area (min 10-20 liter water) and study in that sector. The whole project will become easy to master.

Hexagram 57 – Wind


Launch a Business – East or Generate Wealth – West (not for Horse): Saturday April 14, 2018 at 17.30 – 19.00 hrs.

Two events at this specific date; for launching a business or presenting a book or wealth generation etc.

Sit with your back to the indicated direction for meditation command the Universe, and take action: like hit the button to launch your company, visit the presentation of your new book, attend a meeting, call a business partner etc.

Always do an action after your meditation and commanding: like writing an email, making phone calls, have a meeting etc. Without action, NO result!

Alternative: install a big bucket of water (min 20 liter) in these areas for two weeks. In the cycle of movement, it will create flow, after that, you remove the water and the energy will circulate for the rest of the year

 Hexagram 1 – Heaven


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Personal Qi Planner: for those with a personal Qi Planner, please take note of the following dates this week:

Thursday, April 12, 2018: Power of Execution – South East (not for Dragon)

Friday, April 13, 2018: Life Transformation – South West (not for Snake)


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7 responses to Reminder for Auspicious Dates: April 9 – 15, 2018

  1. vijaygt1957 says:

    Thank you very much,

    I have tiger in month pillar,can I use 10 April as explained .

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      You can use the date if you want, but it will come with an mental/emotional pain on your career or life path: you might have to say goodbye to someone or something, or you will have to let go of something. If you are not sure if you are up for it…as it can be quite ‘heavy’ as one of my customers said, then use another date!

  2. Hatam says:

    Hi how are you
    Can I use that day to sell my house

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        What is your wealth element?

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Yes, try both dates: 10 and 14 april…

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