Lost in the Mountains…

Yet another interesting case that caught the attention…

Newspapers are occupied by the vanishing of Mr. Karl Ervian Haub, in the mountain range near the famous Matterhorn in Switzerland. Why this makes an intruiging case? Read further…!

A short introduction

Mr. Haub is a German billionaire, business owner and manager, who is an experienced ski mountaineer and extreme sportsman. He went alone for a ski-training for the well-known ski-event ‘Patrouille des Glaciers’ that was set for April 17 this year and which he had attended several times already.

Mr. Haub was the co-head of the Tengelmann Group with more than 4000 stores and a revenue of more than 8 Billion Euros in 2016. He was the fifth generation of leading this retail group.

He vanished on Saturday April 7, 2018 and was last seen by photo cameras at 09.10 hrs. at the Little Matterhorn Cable Station. He was only lightly dressed for his solo-training at the 3800 meters’ high glacier.

When he did not turn up that afternoon for a meeting at 16.00 hrs in a Hotel in Zermatt, the family alarmed police and mountain brigades went to look for him. As the weather was extremely bad and the dangerous mountain area difficult to access, Mr. Haub, up till now, was not found.

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With regards to the dates mentioned in this case study: Mr. Haub’s birthdata were retrieved from Wikipedia, although there is another date circulating on the internet.

There is the question of the birth hour, which is not known. And on March 5, at 14.36 hrs (pm), the month Qi changes from Tiger to Rabbit month. In this case study, the Tiger month is used.

To date, we continue the investigation on the data, not only on Mr. Karl Ervian Haub, also on Mr. Christian Haub, his brother, who took over the sole CEO position of Tengelmann Group on April 18, 2018, however, it turns out to be an extremely difficult process. The family lived a life ‘under the radar’ and not many data are available.

Now let’s have a look with the techniques of Chinese Metaphysics if we can see what has happened to the unfortunate Mr. Haub. Please, fill in any other interesting detail that you see and which might be of interest in this case study!


Mr. Haub was born on March 5, 1960 in Tacoma, Washington, USA and unfortunately, we do not know his birth hour. His Day Master is Ren Chen (Water Dragon), which in Nature is represented by a beautiful waterfall in a dense forest.

His pillar promotes long prosperity as it is sitting on Water Storage. And as confirmed, he is extremely wealthy and goes for success, by all means. The Leadership star (Rob Wealth) in this pillar produces creativity (Eating God): the smart strategic personality. This star is able to control his Seven Killings profile, though we must ask how much this was possible in his case?!

As Water Dragon born in spring time, he is very charismatic and is a gifted speaker and persuasive leader with the ability to motivate others. Ren Shen is also indicative for difficult relationships with the spouse and family and it is probably best, not to be involved in family business- or relationships too much.

Kui Gang

 Ren Chen people are blessed with the Kui Gang star, of which they say in China, that even the Ghosts are afraid for these people. This star indicates authority, intelligence and an enormous energy and could even survive a heavy fate, like for instance a plane crash. This could be an indication, that Mr. Haub can survive extreme and dangerous circumstances because of this strong energy.

BaZi Haub

Main Profile

Being born in the month of Tiger, Mr. Haub’s strongest profile is Wu Earth, which represents Seven Killings. This indicates authority and commanding presence as well as an aura of charisma. These are the superior- or bosses- and the ‘go-out-and-get-things-done’ type of people and they are disciplined till almost self-destroying. Better not to have them in the office, as they might become argumentative and go against the establishment.

A certain danger comes with this personality as nothing will stop Mr. Haub to get what he wants. He has like a war mentality and he will fight to the bitter end. This is the ultimate sportsperson who likes competition, and Mr. Haub liked extreme sports: running marathons, tough mountaineering etc. most probably for the adventure, the excitement and the thrill that comes with it.

Looking at the element that is expressing the Seven Killings for him: Wu Earth, we see the huge mountain(s) and this is what he favoured. He several times attended one of the most extreme events organised by the Swiss Armee. This sports mountaineering competition is named the ‘Patrouille des Glaciers’: a ski tour for military- and civilian teams from Zermatt to Verbier under extreme circumstances, high altitudes and difficult alpine terrain with glaciers and couloir climbs. At the time of his disappearance, he was in training for this event.

Secondary Profile

Mr. Haub was not involved in the daily operations of the company and became responsible for the strategy of the Tengelmann Group. His secondary profile of Jia Wood (Eating God), representing the smart performer or strategist in the background, confirms his excellent strategic qualities for the organisation for which he was praised.

Dragon (day pillar) and Tiger (month pillar), both being wood season elements, produce even more wood, being output or creativity for Mr. Haub and strengthens this profile.

His Dragon in the day and the Rat in the year (his greater social network or customers) produce the element of water which represents communication, deep thinking and always on the move. Water strengthens his Day Master and thus gives him a lot of self-confidence.

The Indirect resource star (Geng) in his year pillar also indicates that he can think ‘out of the box’ and has a nose for trends in the market, which he used to completely reform the Tengelmann Group during the last years.

10 years Life Cycle

From December 2009 – December 2019 his 10-years Life Cycle is Jia Shen (Wood Monkey). This famous 6thlife cycle, clashes into or controls his month pillar of Wu Yin (Earth Tiger) which is a matter of life and death. It is said that when one survives this 6thlife cycle, one becomes very old. In this case, it clashes into his BaZi, so we expect something from outside.

During this time in your life, it is a matter of watching and taking care of your health and perhaps not take too many risks. Would this be a first indication for Mr. Haub that this is a dangerous timing for extreme activities?!

Year 2018: Wu Xu (Earth Dog)

 Earth Dog 2018 brings more, even double mountains for Mr. Haub, this results in more Seven Killings pattern, more discipline and more interest in extreme activities. This configuration represents a period of painful change, stress and obstacles. Normally it is recommended that Mr. Haub keeps a low profile in Earth Dog timing and avoids making major decisions and significant changes in his life.

The (Earth Dog of 2018 clashes the Ren Dragon in his Day Pillar and causes, in terms of nature, a landslide or instability in his partner palace, concerning his personal life or partner. This strengthens life threatening circumstances in his life. Is this the second indication for Mr. Haub that this is a dangerous timing for extreme activities?!

Life Palace

 The life palace of Mr. Haub is the same as his month palace Earth Tiger (Wu Yin).

Mr. Haub last seen: Saturday April 7, 2018 at 09.10 hrs.

Missing Bazi Day Haub

  • Ironically it was a ‘Remove Day’ in the Tong Shu Calendar, and there is a lot of Earth and Fire on this day, which are unfavourable for Mr. Haub’s Ren Chen day pillar
  • The day- and hour pillar are the same as the conception pillar of Mr. Haub’s BaZi (see above). These Ji Si (Earth Snake) pillars combine with the 10 years life cycle pillar of Jia Shen, producing more Earth.
  • Monkey (life cycle pillar) and Snake (day of disappearance) have a love/hate relationship, on one hand producing water, on the other hand, an ungrateful punishment.
  • The effect of ungrateful punishment is even stronger with a Tiger (BaZi month pillar) involved, causing a sort of karmic price tag. It is a cause and effect situation with a negative outcome due to a person’s own actions (or inactions).
  • Dog (Year) and Dragon (Month) cause a clash or landslide on that day of disappearance
  • Dragon (Month) and Dragon (BaZi Day Pillar) cause a self-punishment: he does something from which he knows it is wrong, but continues to do so.

 Qi Men Dun Jia chart: moment of disappearance: Saturday April 7, 2018 at 09.10 hrs.


Looking at the circumstances of Mr. Haub’s disappearance near the Swiss-Italian border: East – Internal Palace

  • By forecasting and using the time of disappearance, we look at the day stem (Useful God): day- and hour both Ji, with delusion door, so Mr. Haub is invisible or ‘hiding’.
  • Looking at the nature circumstances: Clouds (Ji), heavy rain (Ren), which becomes snow & ice at high altitudes and ice and snow (Geng). Misty and dew (Grain), mostly in the morning, and wind (Phoenix: also, lawsuits, gossip, danger).
  • It is known that the above-mentioned circumstances existed in the area and in the days after, when the mountain rescue teams were looking for Mr. Haub, there was poor visibility and considerable danger and risk for avelanges as well.
  • As Mr. Haub’s year stem is Geng in the earth plate, one can imagine a cloudy, misty, windy area with frozen water (snow/ice) over him: one scenario could be that he fell into a crevasse and this would indicate that we do not see him (Delusion Door).
  • Ji/Geng (conspiracy and disaster) and Ren/Geng (not learning from mistakes) are inauspicious formations and does not indicate a positive scenario for Mr. Haub.
  • Hexagram 46 ‘Rising’ is about awareness: in times of rising, it is all a matter of what you want, it is a question of ambition.

Looking at the forecast of missing elderly: North West – External Palace

  • For forecasting missing elderly, we look at Mr. Haub’s year stem (UG) which is Geng, located in the North West.
  • This palace is in Death and Emptiness meaning stagnation and has the Horse Star indicating that things come fast. Both these constellations are nullified because of each other.
  • Moon Deity indicates mysterious circumstances: that the person is hidden or not seen and in the environment, Moon refers to cliffs and caves.
  • Destructor star indicates lightning. If the year stem of a person meets an auspicious door, which is rest door and the destructor star, this person is impulsive and can reach a decision quickly.
  • Rest door seems like an intriguing circumstance: it concerns family, a group, health, retirement, being calm, relaxed and is for rejuvenation. It is considered an auspicious door; would this mean, he was enjoying his trip, it was like a rejuvenation for him?
  • Geng/Gui is inauspicious and means getting lost during a trip, not receiving help when the transport means are broken or one is in need, there is a logistical problem causing an event or activity to fail. It indicates imminent loss of money and falling sick. A lot of obstructions, hassles and setbacks. The team- and family support will not be received.
  • Risk of danger and injury. The missing person might be hidden from the plain view or abducted by another person, in a location far away from the seeker. Indicates that this person is ‘being actively hidden’ and it would take twice the effort and time to find him.
  • Hexagram 40 ‘Relief’ is about salvation after a time of increased tension where something or a situation is unravelled.

Direction of disappearance

  • For the direction where the missing person disappears, we look at the Six Harmony palace, which is in the North. This could be an indication, that Mr. Haub left the Little Matterhorn lift installations towards direction North, which is Zermatt.
  • In terms of environment, we expect clouds (Wu), ice and snow (Xin), and wind (Assistant Star) in this direction.
  • Life door is an indication, that he was alive at this very moment, when he went into this direction. North direction would indeed go towards Zermatt.

Direction of where the person can be found

  • This indicates to be the North-West direction of where he was last seen (Little Matterhorn), as here is the palace of his Year Stem Geng.
  • Many ski routes are in that area around ‘Trockener Steg’, see the map
  • As an indication for the distance, we use the numbers 2 and 6, being in the external palace means: 2, 20, 6 or 60 kilometres from the point of disappearance/last seen.

Google Chart Haub

White line: cable car from Zermatt to Little Matterhorn, Red lines: ski pistes

Why this case is intriguing?

Mr. Haub was an experienced mountaineer and skier, who was acquainted with the area, who knew challenging circumstances of mountain-weather and -danger and who could endure great challenges and knows how to handle them.

Furthermore, his Kui Gang star gives him enormous energy to survive difficult circumstances and hardship. Many indications in his BaZi, 10 Years life cycle and date of disappearance are interesting and even more challenging circumstances.

Did he miscalculate his trip to the Little Matterhorn? Did he have an accident or was he indeed, being worth billions, abducted? Or was his disappearance on purpose and/or with a purpose?

He went to the Little Matterhorn:

  • Alone for a training session at 3800 meters height
  • Was only lightly dressed
  • Turned off his phone about 30 minutes (at 08.33 hrs/am) before arriving at the glacier, in any case, when you are on your own, you want somehow to keep a connection with the outside world?! Or did he just want rest and peace?!
  • Or the phone battery went death, which is also questionable for someone with his knowledge of the mountains, you always want your phone charged?!
  • Checking the weather circumstances, like all experienced mountaineers do before taking off?!

The family announced after four days, that they gave up hope, on his survival, and on April 18, eleven days after the accident, his younger brother Christian, was appointed by the board as sole Chief Executive Officer of the Tengelmann Group.

Please, if you read more from the charts or see other interesting clues, please do not hesitate to start the discussion. Not all resources have been discussed yet, and please do so, if you feel like it!

Wishing Mr. Haub a safe journey, wherever he goes!

Sending Qi, The Qi Factory Team


Photo credit: Aron Visuals

Charts credit: Chinese Metasoft & Google





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  1. Jovan Tay says:

    5 Mar 60, the month is should be rabbit 己卯。 There is harm in rabbit and rat, also in rabbit and dragon with a clash in day pillar with grand duke. With the day of incident, he just cross his new luck pillar fire further enhance by the day element fire and earth. The attack on the day master is quite strong. Rather inauspicious based on this 3 pillar.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello and thank you Jovan Tay! The month of rabbit starts on March 5, 1960 at 14.36 hrs. And according to my calculation system, his new Life Cycle Jia Geng started already some years ago. As we do not know the time he was born, I took Tiger month, as this was quite a profile that fits him: Seven Killings Profile… taking lots of risks and Wu Earth (the mountains) Yes, with Rabbit Month you are right, a lot of negative constellations. Yes, and we cannot be sure without time of birth. What do you think of the Qi Men Dun Jia chart?

      • Jovan Tay says:

        Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

        My QMDJ i have a different chart based on the same timing. The location north west Move towards south west. Kun palace. Similar in Numbers 2, 6, and 20 km. In my chart, palace is rather inauspicious with metal in kun relate to death door, xin star represent snow, ice, cold, scenery door blood circulation weaken. And white tiger deity.

        I’m not in the pdgmmr so don’t really read about this person and his achievement. Analyse based on the chart.

        Any updates to his rescue? In my opinion, If it a tiger month, there a good chance of safety.

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        You probably are in a different timezone…we are GMT+2. No news on his rescue at the moment…I think they stopped actively searching. I am still searching for his birth hour…will update if I find it. Thanks for your interest….Sending Qi, Henriette

      • Jovan Tay says:

        Thanks for the interesting case and opportunity to learn from you.

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        Thank you Jovan Tay!

      • Jovan Tay says:

        pdgmmr = *region (typographical error).

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