Unlock your subconscious (7): Red Phoenix

Red Phoenix (Zhu Que), Deity of Culture, is gifted as the deity of ‘spoken words’, arguments, debates, art, documents, sealed information and intellectual property. Once they start, they can’s stop talking and they have no equal in the matter of winning with words. In business this deity has affinity with viral marketing and persuasion.

It is also connected to promotions and progress, especially in politics. And…Red Phoenix is the only Deity that can ‘win’ the debate with Hook Deity Mr. Donald Trump. So we have to send him a Red Phoenix with its vicious tongue – not backing down and having the last word – to win the debate with him!

Red Phoenix belongs to Yang Fire element and the God of Wind (bringing messages), representing a Yang Dun, and is the counterpart to Black Tortoise. These two deities represent the opposing elements of fire and water. On the negative side, Red Phoenix is about criticism, manipulation, quarrels. lawsuits, gossips, spreading rumours and dispute.

One of its lesser known qualities is that Red Phoenix is a powerful deity in making wishes and curses come true, so be careful what you wish for!

Do you recognise these attributes: highly persuasive, articulate, animated and communicative and being a gifted speaker? Do you lighten up any conversation or meeting with good stories and jokes? And do you share your sharp observations and insights with the crowd? Are you able to explain difficult matter in simple and clear wording? Then you probably are a Red Phoenix Destiny Deity!

Being an intelligent creature, teaching, mentoring and influential leadership roles fit the Red Phoenix. But watch out to speak too freely or offend people with words, as this might become your pitfall. Favourite work field for this Deity: lawyers, preachers, speaker, journalists, writing speeches, debaters, marketeers.

A Personal Deity is your guide in life and represents universal divine powers of spirits that are with you since the day you were born…maybe you have not noticed consciously, however, be aware that your personal deity – and its qualities –  is around and ready to help you at any time.

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Sending Qi!

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Photo Credit: Danielle Barnes

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