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Enjoy reading this testimonial of one of the Qi Planners users. She shares her experiences of using auspicious timings for herself, her business and her health.

Her most appreciated lesson is: PAY ATTENTION to the things that happen around you, when using auspicious timings. Small changes occur and bring another flow to your body, mind and soul.

You can empower yourself with the use of the right timing and direction of the Qi Planner and your own dedication of meditation, commanding and taking action!

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Hello, Henriette! 

 Thank you for the Qi Planner! It’s a wonderful tool. Here is some feedback on the activations: I did a few activations for business opportunities and health. 

 On Business

What I noticed every time: a few days (not more than two) after the activation, I got 3 to 4 calls or emails from prospects who eventually became clients. This happened each time. 

I also noticed that the span of the activation lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks, and after that it fades, so it’s a good idea to make them constantly. 

 On Health

Concerning the health issues, I noticed that after the activations, I would stumble upon treatments, or find about new research on the health issues I have.

I didn’t find the “miracle cure”, and my health issues didn’t go away after the activation, but I found pretty good treatments that I am currently on and they work well.

 Also, somehow, I changed my perspective on health in general, and I now have a more proactive approach. I also gained more confidence in my ability to heal. 


I feel like these activations act on two levels (at least for me): they provide opportunities, (as if they open some doors for me, in business and in health), and they also operate some changes in my belief system. (although I can’t explain the mechanism).

 Pay Attention

 But what I discovered is, that you have to take the opportunities and be proactive about your life (business, health, in my case), and also it’s important TO PAY ATTENTION.

The changes are subtle and may go unnoticed if one is not paying attention.

 In my case I needed several activations to realize they follow a pattern and that the business opportunities and health solutions I discovered were generated by the activations. 

 So, thank you again for the Qi planner and good luck to you! 

And lots of good Qi! 🤗🤗




Photo Credit: Alex Iby

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