Body, Mind and Soul = Energy!

We all have a system of energy that fuels the interaction of the Body, Mind and Soul. And this free and unlimited energy keeps on flowing within us, if, and when these three entities are well connected and in harmony to each other.

Our State of Being or how well we feel, depends on the amount of energy flow, which can be abundant or restricted. Every moment this can change and it refers to how well balanced we feel on all levels: whether we are happy or sad, sick or healthy, in harmony or disconnected from our spirit. This disconnection especially shows in the shining of our eyes. If the eyes are illuminated, our spirit is connected and we are in alignment with who we truly are.

When our State of Being is optimal, we treat ourselves and our bodies with love and respect, we experience joy in everything we do, we treat others with love and respect and have a sense of purpose and universal service. Not difficult to guess how we feel, if we are not aligned with ourselves ;-)!

Our goal is to harmonise our state of being, so that we create the life that we want! 

The easy part is, that this is all in our ‘own hands’, we can facilitate our state of being and thus the amount of energy flow in our body, by treating our body, mind and soul with respect.

The Soul is driven by wisdom, love and universal service

Our Soul gives the body its life force. Our behaviour and actions are guided by the soul. We ‘see’ the soul in the eyes of a person: when the eyes are dull, the soul is not aligned and if the eyes are shining, the person is in line with him/herself. The connection of the soul with the mind and body gives the free and abundant flow of energy.

The Mind is driven by self-awareness, focus and quietness

Our Mind, is like the interactive mechanism between the body and the soul. It filters emotion, which is the language of the soul, and registers nerve impulses generated by the body: like stress or pains or positive feelings in the body.

If you are able to manipulate your mind and let it work for you, the communication between the body, mind and soul works optimal. We manipulate the mind i.e. with positive thinking or meditation: to turn into ourselves and connect our mind to our inexhaustible inner source of energy.

This is the system that we use with Qi Planning: at the exact timing, where you have a special high speed connection to the Universe: direct your mind to meditation and positive thinking and afterwards take action towards your goals in life.

The Body is driven by positive energy

Our Body is our outer shell, a product of both the mind and soul and, how it is cared for on a daily basis. Sleep, diet, environment and exercise can prolong or shorten life. It is your own choice to sustain and energise your body with i.e. yoga, tai chi or qi gong, give it enough sleep and a healthy diet.

What can we do for ourselves, or what fuels our energy level?

Wisdom, love, universal service, quiet meditation, positive thinking, sufficient sleep, healthy diet, good environment and appropriate exercise.

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