Autumn Qi Timings for October & November 2018

With autumn arriving, we send you a photographic greeting of a magnificent coloured forest to reflect a moment on Mother Nature’s great gifts to us!

The auspicious Qi-Timings for October & November concern the subjects of health, relationship, academic pursuit, and wish-fulfilling. Use these specific dates in connection with meditation and your ‘wifi broad band connection’ to the Universe is magnified. Be sensitive and alert to whatever happens around you, and you will find that all small changes will appear to be part of your goal or life change. Enjoy it!

The instructions for the specific Qi-Timings for everyone, are available, when you click on the date in the Free General Qi Planner.

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  • October 10: Health Improvement
  • October 16: Relationship and Networking
  • October 24: Academic Pursuit
  • November 2: Wish Fulfilling
  • November 8: Academic Pursuit
  • November 9: Health Improvement
  • November 15: Health Improvement
  • November 23: Academic Pursuit
  • November 29: Relationship and Networking
  • November 30: Health Improvement
  • December 7: Academic Pursuit


We are looking forward to having you with us for a positive Life Transformation!

Sending Qi,

Henriette Driessens


Photo credit: Simon Matzinger

Special thanks to: Chinese Metasoft

4 responses to Autumn Qi Timings for October & November 2018

  1. Catinca says:

    Hello! I have a question: how do we activate these dates?

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Catinca and welcome to The Qi Factory! You can use these auspicious timing for your meditation, commanding and action! If you do not have rhe Free Qi Planner yet, you can subscribe and read the posts. I also recommend our FAQ section for further explanation! Sending Qi, Henriette

      • Annie says:

        Would it be possible you could post the details here ? I do not have google calendar plan 😞 and I certainly can use one of those days specially for health improvement on 10th October 2018….

  2. Henriette Driessens says:

    Hello Annie, anyone, (except people in China I think) can open a free GMAIL account with google. Then you can enter the GOOGLE calendar for free and if you are subscribed to our FREE Qi Planner, it will automatically load into GOOGLE. Try it and let me know Annie, Sending Qi, Henriette

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