Best Energies for the month of November 2018

From November 7 till December 6, the monthly energies are ruled by Water Pig (Gui Hai). The image of Water Pig is that of a Great Flood or Tsunami. Everything will be flushed away!

What to expect in November!

After a month of ruthlessly cleaning up in October, even literally on the political stage, with the awful ordeal of a well known journalist, we continue into Water Pig month November. This will be the month of resetting and starting again.

A reset button, one could say….

Words that come with this month are: purifying, all or nothing, revolutionary, rebellious, and stirring up something new. This is a very powerful month with the intuition of Gui, which is the yin water element and the intention of Ren, the yang water element.

This month is about open sea, open sky, and clouds, new things and everything for the greater good. The thinking is unlimited and actually, there are no limitations, anything is possible.

However, there might be some inner struggle and cases where trust and trustworthiness, and people trusting each other, is involved. The element of water is also about emotions and emotional behaviour.

On the political stage keep ‘Brexit’ in mind. Will there be a deal or no deal? Or will everything be flushed away to start from scratch? And in the USA midterm elections, will there be a great tsunami to stirr up something new?

Do we expect the stockmarket to flush away and the dollar to devaluate? There are rumours, amongst others, that China sold its US obligations to mainly Saudi Arabia and the heavily endebted United States could be at the leash of the Middle East.

In any case, the most difficult learning experience in November is the feeling or the human touch: the warmth, the healing, the gentleness, spirituality, pacifying people’s problems and the trust that everything will be okay.


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Auspicious directions for November 2018

The auspicious directions for the months we use for long time planning, so here are your directions to prepare, as part of your bigger year plan. Use to sit or meditate to feel that you are backed with extra Qi (energy).

South East, especially for studies: the ultimate learning constellation is available here and results will arrive quickly as well. Great direction for children this month; seat them with their back towards this direction.

Specific features: auspicious for conducting a seminar, attending a class, awakening innate talents through training, seeking out a mentor and for matters that require unique hands-on skills. Pacifying someone angry and putting people in their place.

Hexagram 57: Wind or gentle penetration, which indicates gentleness and enormous power. One is asked to look deeper into a situation to find the less obvious power of the matter. It’s a constant and gentle action and deals about home-coming and finding the answers…

Avoid sitting with your back towards South East 1 (Dragon) as it is opposite of the Grand Duke (Dog) in 2018! Sit with your back towards South East 2 and 3 instead.

East, especially for networking and relationships: Expect this month to deal with relationships and/or review your networks if you sit with your back to this direction. Some probably need to be changed or cleaned up; breaking down and building up is the device here. In all these matters expect that there will be some thunder involved, and then the sky will be clear again.

Specific features: Helps you to find the post or platform to fulfil your aspirations. Auspicious for career advancement, assuming a new position, securing a new job, expanding the business, wealth creating projects, all wealth related goals, and all other good things.

Hexagram 51: Thunder or shock, which indicates unexpected happenings, emotions and a wakeup call. Changes that you did not ask for, but are good for you. The hidden influence of this hexagram is a call for innovation: things that worked in the past, will no longer do. New feelings that arise might be unfamiliar but quite refreshing…

The important lesson for this month is to clean up and in-between, find the Human Touch in life.

If you have not inscribed yet for our auspicious timings calendar, the Free Qi Planner is available here!

Sending Qi from The Qi Factory Team


Photo Credit: Tim Marshall

QMDJ chart: Chinese Metasoft

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  1. Monica Moni says:

    Very useful info. Thank you, Henriette! Would you share with us qmdj chart for november, please!

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Monica, done! Check out the post and enjoy! Sending Qi, Henriette

  2. Cindy says:

    ThankQ, find the right direction for my qi energy meditation.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Cindy…happy you found your directions…Please consider the Personal Three ‘Power’ Calendars….even more personalised auspicious dates! Sending Qi, Henriette

      • Cindy says:

        I m newbie to.all feng shui as I read thru’ again I noted about the direction SE1, SE2,SE3, by how we can understand direction degree more.

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        Thank you Cindy….Happy that you have more understanding of the three directions within each of the eight directions! Sending Qi, Henriette

  3. Beatrice Jacot says:

    Henriette, what’s the meaning of South East 1, 2 and 3?

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Beatrice, a compass is 360 degrees and every of the eight wind directions of 45 degrees are subdivided again in three parts of 15 degrees.

      South East 1 = 112,5 – 127,5 degrees
      South East 2 = 127,5 – 142,5 degrees
      South East 3 = 142,5 – 157,5 degrees

      In 2018, we do not want to sit with our back to South East 1 Dragon, as this will face the Grand Duke.
      See more on this, in the blog article:

      Good luck and my very best, Henriette

  4. Heng Peng Theng says:

    Hi, from the above chart, is it Nov18? Which palace shows Hexagram 57 n 51?

    V interested w the water activation, any dates for coming Nov or Dec?

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Heng Peng Theng! Thanks for being part of our community! The timings mentioned for November are during the whole month: South East is with Hexagram 57 and East is with Hexagram 51. Let me know if this answers your question! December dates will be published by the end of November: check out our blog! Sending Qi, Henriette

  5. Cindy says:

    Any post on 2019 feng shui activation direction yet?

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