Earth Pig Year 2019!

With the new energies arriving, we decided to divide the information on Earth Pig year into several posts, as many readers requested shorter posts. Here is the first part for 2019!

Technically we felt the energies of Earth Pig year kicking in, on November 8, 2018, with the start of the Pig month. And officially we await the new year on February 4, 2019 at 11.16 hrs.

The year of 2019 is ruled by Ji Hai or Earth Pig, the image of earth on a huge water surface, which we identify as a Holiday Island. Imagine travelling to far away island destinations, a resort type of holiday, boating, sailing on the water and more of these kind of relaxing activities.

All fun things to do, however, the beautiful island is far away, difficult to reach, and surrounded by water, which causes insecurity and feelings of lonely- and emptiness. To abandon these feelings, the remedy for this year is to go out and find friends to hang out with and enjoy your time together.

The Island also implies a disconnection from the real world and distraction from daily work and we might forget to focus on important things. What else is new when you are on holiday?! Now that you know…its easy to tackle this challenge: play hard, work hard or the other way around: work hard, play hard!

Earth & Water Elements

Earth Pig is a combination of the earth and water elements, which combines to a contamination (mud), which results in people being confused and depressed, and there will be loads of emotional problems. Water is the ruler of our emotions (fear), deep thinking, philosophy and wisdom.

On a physical level, this contamination results in illnesses related to poisoning or epidemics in the world. No kidding, with the many and enormous refugee camps around, where hygienic circumstances are under pressure. So a sad reality warning for 2019!

Fire Element

With reference to the above, the element of fire plays a huge role this year and fire related industries like the wellness-, well-being-, energy healing-, spiritual- or self improvement-, metaphysics-, technology- (Internet), airlines-, computers-, restaurant-, food & beverage-, engine-, electric-, electronics- and the petrol or fuel will be in the picture. Personal and business investments in these industries might pay off in 2019.

On a mental level, the element of fire means passion: people have to find their passion or as we say their ‘inner fire’ in 2019 in order to fulfil their needs and to be happy. Fire also means opportunities, so expect many opportunities, however you have to be ready for them!

Ways to succeed in 2019

  • Find your passion, your inner fire for happiness in life!
  • Challenge yourself, as there are many opportunities coming by this year
  • Get the right skills and be ready for the right time and place: 2019 is about the fire industry, so you know which skills are wanted
  • Study or take a course, and get the knowledge that you need: knowledge is power
  • Use the techniques of BaZi, Feng Shui or Qi Men Dun Jia to act at the right timing and take your results to the next level.
  • Taking action on a regularly basis will produce (even) small results and all those together will infuse a huge change in life. You have to start acting at one point as without action, no results!

San Cai

In the theory of San Cai meaning ‘Heaven’, ‘People’, ‘Earth’, with this article on Feng Shui, we described the People Situation for 2019. With using the ways to succeed in 2019, you already have corrected and improved 33,3% of your Qi Energy.

If you have not yet subscribed for the General Qi Planner, to plan your year with the best time and direction, please do so here for a four month free trial.

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Sending Qi and our best wishes for 2019 from the Qi Factory Team!


Photo by HD: Jameos del Agua on the volcanic island of Lanzarote.




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