Auspicious energies for the month of February 2019!

Starting the new sequence of the year off with the February Month of Bing Yin (Fire Tiger) representing the image of the Sun shining through a forest. And we look at the timing from February 4 – March 6, 2019.


What to expect in February!

Anything that has to do with caring and loving for others and forgiving is the credo of this month. This is a great months for healers, nurturers and motivators through love. Peace, innocence and general good luck will also be promoted this month. Bing Yin is about the sun (yang fire) growing the wood and wood also supports the fire. So it is a two way support of the elements.

 The important lesson for this month is that all problems might be (suddenly) dissolved, hope, unconditional love and peace will return to Mother Earth.

If you have Bing Yin (Fire Tiger) in your Day palace, and you want to ‘experience’ yourself: go to the forest and see a sunrise!



Auspicious directions for February 2019 

The next auspicious directions for the months, we use for long time planning. They are your directions to prepare, as part of your bigger year plan.

Use these directions, to sit with your back towards: to work, read, meditate and experience that you are backed with extra Qi (energy). In these directions, your Broad Band connection to the Universe will be high speed. The different Deities mentioned will accompany you on your travel through the month of February: use their auspicious qualities!


South East, especially to advance on a personal- and business level, Success will come easily: connecting with people, get help, travel, self cultivation, wealth creating projects, to fulfil your aspirations and your talents.

Meditate to and experience Tiger Deity for extraordinary energy, force and power!

Hexagram 33: Retreat, means withdrawing and observe how retreating from a situation cultivates power. Action: disengage.

Special remark for this direction in 2019: Only sit with your back towards South East 1 and 2, between 112,5 – 142,5 as to not face and disturb the Grand Duke. Use your compass to check these directions!


North West, especially to bring a favourable outcome for all activities relating to business endeavours  It can also turn bad luck into opportunities. Very much related to assets, land and property or to start new projects.

Hexagram 20: Observation: to establish a course for the future by reinvigorating your roots. Action: view.

Meditate to and experience Chief Deity for wisdom, benevolence, charisma, trustworthiness, natural power and authority, confidence, honesty and the biggest virtue of Chief is, to watch over the World.

Special remark for this direction in 2019: especially if you sit with your back towards North West 322,5 – 337,5 degrees (Pig), which is the Grand Duke, you sail with his strong auspicious power in your back.


North, especially suitable for migrating and travelling far away as Heaven Deity is in this palace.

Hexagram 38 Opposition: the movement in stillness that allows you to observe what happens when opposites meet. Action: accomodate

Meditate to and experience Heaven Deity: for wisdom, foresight, clear thoughts, beauty, happiness, intelligence, victory in battle and successful pursuit of wealth and fame.


If you have not inscribed yet for our auspicious timings calendar, the free Qi Planner is available here!

Wishing you a great year of Qi Planning from The Qi Factory Team



Photo Credit: HD – near Lake Geneva in Switzerland

QMDJ chart: Chinese Metasoft




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