Royal baby: Archie Harrison!

There was some excitement about ‘it’, when, how and what, however, in the end, the Royal Boy ‘Archie’, child of Meagan and Harry, was born on May 6, 2019 at 05.26 (recalculated 04.25) in Windsor, England!

Though my analysis is short and a bit different, with much more to tell, it will give you an indication of what reading a BaZi or QiMen chart can do for a newborn. Especially for parents, it gives an important indication on how to deal with and optimise the education of their newborn to support his personality.

In this reading the Day Master pillar is the most important. We strengthen this Day Pillar, in order to awaken him, so that Archie will be able to resist all external influences and form his own true personality.

Why is his birth hour Tiger? Well, because we recalculate and take the solar hour, as well as longitude lines in plus or minus minutes, into consideration. The hour pillar represents Archie’s thinking. Jia Yin (Wood Tiger) hour qualities indicate, what we also will see further on: leadership, problem solver, do something for the greater good. His integrity is important, though his pride is strong: ‘my way or no way’.

Well, here we go for a royal baby with the impressive names of: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.


Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 10.56.35.pngBaZi 

Archie is born as a Gui Mao Day Master, which we connect to high intelligence, creativity and artistic qualities.

They know how to create beautiful things and it is advised that Archie works with children and in education.

Gui Mao Day Masters sometimes seem a bit ‘childish’, and for a male person, it might be harder to function.

To awaken this young man, he should visit, meditate and take in, the Bamboo Forests in Japan, which will give him the sense of who he is.  His most favourite element is Bing Fire, the Sunshine! His Mother, behind the scenes, will be important to ‘warm him up’. His father might bring out the authority, fighting spirit and a bit of being a rebel.

Archie might be a quite stubborn young man, and will not easily give up in his life. He is about living and acting powerfully by doing big things and by helping the world, for instance by solving problems (through whatever means).

His talents are about eliminating or destroying old and bad habits or the bad environment. This last subject is also a favourite of his grandfather Prince Charles, who also happens to be a Gui Mao Day Master. Prince Charles will see a reflection of himself in this newly born little guy.

Archie’s greatest challenge in life is: to feel useful and loved and he should very well take care of himself.  His appearance might be a bit too bony and too thin; his weight was also considerably less than any other of his nephews and/or nieces at birth.

He might be sacrificing a lot to give to other people. So his parents and family have a task in giving him loads of love and show him how to take care of his health and help him see his own value and how he can add to the world and be of importance in his lifetime.

The subconscious, or the drivers of Archie are, to go for the most expensive or the best in life and he is probably thinking that only the mind is enough for that. Well, surprise surprise: not only brains but also physical appearance in terms of body shape is very important to show that you go for the best. We already saw that his body is one of his challenges in life.  So he is asked to balance the facts with the beauty of external presentation: both brains & beauty!

Archie will present himself with strong survival instincts and he needs to learn the value of ‘trust’. When he learns to love himself and bring the message of love in the world, he will be feeling and doing much better.

He probably does not like to be ‘hugged’ and needs to be admired from far away. Sometimes he might not like people around and probably feels better when he is left alone for a while. Some small water element, representing communication, emotions and self love, will have him regain his trust again.


Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 11.01.52.pngQi Men Dun Jia

In his Qi Men Dun Jia chart his destiny Deity is Chief (Zhi Fu), which indicates some of the following qualities: wisdom, benevolent, charismatic, righteous, courteous, trustworthy, natural power and authority, confident, honest and with a huge virtue to watch over the World.

As a natural leader the Chief inspires people with their high morals and are incorruptible (Zhi) and have natural authority (Fu).

People who have Chief as their Personal guardian Angel, enjoy good luck in their life and the best way to achieve their wealth is by investing, trading, and business in general. Though he reaches the full potential of Chief ‘only’ at high age, so he might be prone to a feeling of not being fulfilled.


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      Hello Claudia…that is explained in the post, because one hour summertime is deducted as well as one minute for BaBy Sussex was born left of the nearest longitude line. Hope this explains! Best and sending Qi, Henriette

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