June 2019: Auspicious timings & directions!

The month of June 2019, from 6 June – 6 July, is named Geng Wu (Metal Horse). There are two opposite elements this month and it looks like ‘Ironman is forging his own suit’. Geng is metal element and Wu is fire element….Raw metal can become a very powerful and a precious product, after it is forged.

What to expect this month of Metal Horse (Geng Wu)?

Quite a ‘hot’ month in terms of debating: Geng Wu represents a sharp tongue, direct and honest words, sometimes a bit of sarcasme, and upholding the rules in a sharp manner. Geng Wu is equivalent of  ‘clashing the head’ and the Horse has a very intense personality, with a strong temper.

The focus will be on places of power, like huge companies or the Parliament. Hmm…with the ‘Houses’ of the United Kingdom and the Unites States frequently in the news …we would guess there is something major happening in these countries in June?!

If your Day Pillar is Geng Wu, go and visit Places of Power as mentioned above, or learn to forge metal, it will teach you about yourself.

The important lesson this month is: efficiency, hard work, painful forging, power, focus, discipline, leadership.


Screenshot 2019-05-16 at 16.13.04.png

Qi Men Dun Jia Chart of June 2019


Auspicious direction for June 2019: the following auspicious direction(s) for each month, we use for long term planning. They are your direction(s) to prepare, as part of your bigger year plan.

Sit as much as you can, with your back towards the West Direction: experience that you are backed with extra Qi (energy) of foresight and envisioning. Being with this direction, your Broad Band connection to the Universe will be running at Ultra High Speed.

Nine Heaven Deity is known as the ‘Old Father’ and associated with the future, foresight and envisioning: the architects of the future. Sit down for meditation when you feel like it, with your back to the west and envision your future on how it should be.

Success, achievement, hard-working, discipline, planning, sharp focus, helping others, reach targets and achieve goals, and looking for continuous improvement are the positive traits of Nine Heaven Deity.

Hexagram 50, the Cauldron or the Cooking Pot, is associated with the alchemical process of transformation where the distance between spirit and ego must evaporate. It is about the deeper, spiritual and more all encompassing aspects of your journey. The hexagram that rules the West direction this month is about fulfilling your destiny and the enormous inspiration you possess to accomplish your aims. However, you have to give this process the right time: ‘something is still cooking’. The Cauldron is a complete rebirth and reconnection with your life path. Action: refine


Free Qi Planner (4 months)

If you have not inscribed yet for our auspicious timings calendar, the free Qi Planner is available here!

Wishing you a great month of Qi Planning and sending Qi,



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    Are these auspicious dates the whole day or is there a time for it. Can you give me the exact directions. Thank you.

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