The ‘Fire’ Period 9 (2024 – 2043)

In Chinese Metaphysics, we use 20 year periods to define the timing. At this moment, we reside in period 8 and slowly but surely, since 2017, the energies of period 9 are starting to descend and will become more prominent.

What does it exactly mean Period  9 (Star You Bi)?

The name of this period-star is ‘Angel of Power’ and it is related to the element fire, academic success, intelligence and intuition. We are sensing already that the world is entering a more spiritual- and intuitive road: current teachings, meditation and looking into yourself, is part of this path. In this period, we expect huge break throughs in academic research or other ‘intelligence’ studies- and subjects: military science, computerscience- and artificial intelligence.


This friendly and open period indicates, that we are ready to sacrifice for good causes and our sense of justice is gaining momentum. In general it is an excellent period for promotions and health, and success often arrives fast. This is the time for a clear mind, clear thinking, the head, and also becoming well-known and famous.

The harvest of good results will create extraordinary people: the energy in fire period 9 is at the highest point. This period might bring forth religious leaders and holy people and there is general kindness and charity connected. On a more personal level, period 9 will wrap us in romance, love, marriage and happy events.


Especially the chemical industry, electrical- and electronic systems (internet), military  (ammunition and explosives), and everything that has to do with the beauty, health- and wellness, and the spirituality industry will flourish.  Any fire element related businesses will do!


On a negative level, we could have to deal with health issues related to infertility and/or heavy births, eyes, heart & blood, circulation and small intestine, inflammations, burns, mental illnesses. Any illness related to the fire element is applicable and especially when the element water comes into play in years- and/or lifecycles, as water controls fire…


In life situations the negatives are: injustice, danger for fire, extremisme, ‘leading someone behind the light’, flattering, disability and violence, loss of money, uncontrollable instincts and sexual escapades, passions, outbursts of anger, hot discussions and violent temper.


Counting back, we have experienced a same period 180 years ago (9 x 20 years), from 1844 – 1863 with interesting ‘fire’ happenings:

The first publicly funded telegraph became a fact. A major progress in communication which, was later on further developed: telex, telephone, telefax, internet.

The Goldrush in the USA and Australia, resulted in mistreatment of Indians and Asians. Both are (positive and negative) fire related activities.

Philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published their ‘Communist Manifesto’, based on the political ‘religion’ of the equality of a society. In their eyes ‘justice’ to society.


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Sending Qi, Henriette




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