What about love life?!

Today is your day! If you are in a relationship and want to ‘tie the knot’ or if you are alone…both ways work:

Sunday 14 July at 19.00-21.00 hrs hours – North/South (not for Horse)


Arrange a ‘Tie the Knot’ (dinner) meeting with your partner:

Your partner sits with his/her back to the North and you sit with your back to the South.
Discuss love life with your partner and ask for the ‘wedding deal’.
Very positive constellation for both partners.

Remark: this is a ‘Tie the Knot’ date….this is not a Break Up Date.

If you do not have a partner:

Do a wish or a command for what you want to improve in your relationship.
If you do a wish: do not ask for a name of a partner, like: I would like to meet ‘Peter.’
Instead, ask for qualities: like my partner should be ’emotionally available’ etc.


Wishing you all a great love life moment!

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Happy Qi Planning, Henriette


Photo credit: HD – Bridge on the shores of Lake Geneva

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