September 2019: Auspicious Directions

From September 8 – October 7, we are heading for a most romantic Water Rooster (Gui You) Month. Please check our business- or private relationship dates coming up in the Qi Planner. The ultimate dates to be romantic!

What to expect in the month of Gui You – Water Rooster?

A highly emotional, romantic, seductive and artistic month comes our way. It is like autumn rain dripping on glass. With romance, there is often singing and drinking involved. It is no surprise that the combination of these month’s elements, which are attracting each other, can end up in drama. Water and metal is a very sentimental and emotional combo.

Venice, during the seductive and mysterious Carnival times, would be the sample of the emotions described above. Kyoto with its Geisha culture or Amsterdam and its famous Red Light district. All of these cities can be rainy, romantic and dramatical in their very own way. Letting emotions completely fall free….


Qi Men Dun Jia Chart for September

Auspicious direction for September 2019: the following monthly auspicious direction(s), we use for long term planning. They are your direction(s) to prepare, as part of your bigger year plan.

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South: Sit the whole month at your office desk or at home with your back towards the south. It will result in smart intelligent thinking and strategies, as well as making things more beautiful.

Experience that you are backed with extra Qi (energy) and highest level of mind-reading and speech. Being with this direction, your Broad Band connection to the Universe will be running at Ultra High Speed.

Tortoise Deity, is ruling this direction and helps solving problems or mysteries and is a master in getting the right contacts and winning trust, as well as achieving fame. Sit down for meditation when you feel like it, with your back to the south and feel the power of unconventional thinking and leadership. Read more about Tortoise Deity here!

Hexagram 49 – Reform, rules the South: if you are unhappy, this means that something powerful in roaring inside. This describes a situation that has come to a point where a revolution in thinking or action has become necessary. A boiling point is reached and transformation is necessary. Wow…huge changes await us….


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Wishing you a great month of Qi Planning and sending Qi,



Photo Credit: HD – Verona, along the Adige river.

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