After a long journey in studying and working in business national and internationally, I stumbled upon Chinese Metaphysics in 2007 and guess what happened…I could and cannot stop learning about this ancient wisdom.

Every time encouraged by wonderful and knowledgeable people, that cross my path. The result is the birth of my blog ‘The Qi Factory!’ in 2016, as part of my love for sharing knowledge.

The message, in which I strongly believe, from experience and beyond is quite simple:

The Power of Body, Mind, Soul and ACTION!

  •    We gain ACCESS to our own energy 
    • We do this by bringing together mind, body and soul through meditation. 
  •    We EXPAND the energy the universe has made available for us 
    • We do this by using the right direction and time.
  •    We TRANSFORM this energy into a movement towards something we want. 
    • We do this by taking action.

The more, the better of the above.

That’s all…..then keep cool & enjoy the changes!

Stay energized,


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  1. Jen Ho says:

    Henriette, may i check with you on 7 April 2018 activation? Do we use water activation and if so 2 weeks?
    You mentioned in your blog =
    Problem Solving – West (not for Pig): Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 07.30 – 09.00 hrs.

    Problem Solving: Sit with your back to the West.
    Plan a (breakfast) meeting with the (business) partner, with whom you have something to discuss with. Sit with your back to the indicated direction.

    But what if we are not holding any meetings on that day? how else can we make use of it?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Jen Ho….at this timing, you could also go for contracts and agreements. Good results depend on the effort and heart that one puts into the commanding. This timing is especially to play mind games with the opposite party and thus gain psychological dominance, good for espionage and defence and also money making activities as Earth Deity is involved. I would not activate the west this year, as it will result in stress and illness. Just use your meditation to command Earth Deity for your goals related to the above mentioned subjects, to come true if you are not holding a meeting. Normally, when I mean ‘activation’, I write activation in the post. This one is meeting or meditation. Good luck and let us know about your results! Best, Henriette

      • Jen Ho says:

        Hi Henriette, the ‘challenge’ is 7th April is a Saturday and at that timing may not have any commercial activities to be conducted.

      • Henriette Driessens says:

        Hello Jen…you may make an appointment with a customer on that day? Otherwise keep on following the blog for other dates which will come up!

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