Summer Solstice: this is your lucky day!

The 21st of June is a special day, named Summer Solstice. As the Qi energy is at its highest point, June Solstice has been a trigger for midsummer celebrations, holidays and (religious) festivals all around the world. In Latin ‘solstitium’ meaning sun-stopping, is the point on the horizon where the sun appears to rise and set, stops and reverses direction after this day. On this solstice, the sun is visible in the sky for a longer period of time as it doesRead more

The ‘Fire’ Period 9 (2024 – 2043)

In Chinese Metaphysics, we use 20 year periods to define the timing. At this moment, we reside in period 8 and slowly but surely, since 2017, the energies of period 9 are starting to descend and will become more prominent. What does it exactly mean Period  9 (Star You Bi)? The name of this period-star is ‘Angel of Power’ and it is related to the element fire, academic success, intelligence and intuition. We are sensing already that the world isRead more

June: General Auspicious Dates

For the month of June, here are the auspicious dates. For the exact timings and directions, please subscribe to the Qi Planner (see further): Auspicious Timings for the month of June 2019 June 3: Wealth Generation June 6: Health Improvement June 6: Fame & Wealth June 7: Relationship Improvement June 10: Wealth Generation June 12: Academic Pursuit June 20: Wish Fulfilling June 22: Year Activation June 28: Business Deal We use these timings and directions for personal meditation: set yourRead more

June 2019: Auspicious timings & directions!

The month of June 2019, from 6 June – 6 July, is named Geng Wu (Metal Horse). There are two opposite elements this month and it looks like ‘Ironman is forging his own suit’. Geng is metal element and Wu is fire element….Raw metal can become a very powerful and a precious product, after it is forged. What to expect this month of Metal Horse (Geng Wu)? Quite a ‘hot’ month in terms of debating: Geng Wu represents a sharp tongue,Read more

Royal baby: Archie Harrison!

There was some excitement about ‘it’, when, how and what, however, in the end, the Royal Boy ‘Archie’, child of Meagan and Harry, was born on May 6, 2019 at 05.26 (recalculated 04.25) in Windsor, England! Though my analysis is short and a bit different, with much more to tell, it will give you an indication of what reading a BaZi or QiMen chart can do for a newborn. Especially for parents, it gives an important indication on how toRead more

General auspicious timings in May!

For the month of May, enjoy the auspicious dates. For the exact timings and directions, please subscribe to the Qi Planner (see further): Auspicious Timings for the month of May 2019 May 11: Wealth Generation May 19: Wealth Generation May 20: Launch a Business May 23: Academic Pursuit May 30: Wealth Generation   Subscribe to the four months free Qi planner with all important auspicious & activation dates here! Happy Qi Planning! Henriette   Foto by HD: Forest near Lausanne, SwitzerlandRead more

May 2019: Auspicious Directions & Timings

Are you ready for the month of May from May 5 – June 5? It will feel like a warm blanket of desert sand that can change its beautiful colour anytime!   What to expect this month of Earth Snake (Ji Si)? Quite a spiritual month with the healing touch of the warm earth and fire elements. It is a month for nurturing and inner trust that everything will be okay: a very calm nature. The important lesson for thisRead more

Free Qi (energy) flow in the body, mind and soul…

We should (finally) realise that the Universe, of which we are part, works through energy, frequency and vibration. As the concept of Qi (energy) is not easy to grab, because we do not see ‘it’, we are still able to work with the Qi! The Asian world has done so for a long time, nobody knows exactly how long, but between 3000-4000 years the concept of ‘Qi’ exists. Qi (pronounced as ‘tschi’) or life energy flows through all matters: humanRead more

Fu Yin & Fan Yin

The Universe is sending me a lot of questions about Fu Yin and Fan Yin lately, so I will address the subject from my point of view in this article. Chinese Metaphysics and the old texts express a lot of negative thoughts on these two issues. And let me tell you, that at one point in my life, I was so disappointed, sad and fed up with the description of life threatening situations with certain BaZi or Feng Shui constellations, that IRead more

April 2019: Auspicious Directions and Timings!

From April 5 – May 4, the new month of Earth Dragon (Wu Chen) will take off. Wu Chen is the image of a connected mountain range. Any ‘Greedy Wolf’ mountain, as we say in Feng Shui, will fit in this picture. This kind of mountain will prosper health and improve the status- and authority aspect of people living near it. As this mountain is connected to other mountains or is part of a greater mountain range, ‘connecting and networking’ isRead more

Reminder: Make a wish!

This is a reminder for two wonderful auspicious timings to manifest your wish! Your broad band connection to the Universe will be high speed: take up your seat, with your back to the indicated direction, meditate on your goals with the indicated Deity, envision the result, and take action towards your wish: write an email, make a phone call, arrange a meeting etc.!   April 9, 2019, between 13.00 – 15.00 hrs, South (not for Horse) Heaven Deity: planning, envision, foresightRead more

Auspicious energies for the month of March 2019!

From March 6 – April 4, we enjoy the month of Ding Mao – Fire Rabbit! The image that goes with it, is a single candle, very sensitive and easily influenced: as from whichever the direction there is a draft, the candle will react to that. What to expect in March! A very sensitive month where (hopefully) a long awaited clarity, understanding and love will make itself visible to the world and its inhabitants. We just have to master ourRead more

Your personal connection to Earth Pig Year 2019!

The new year took off,  and it is time to look at the interaction of Ji Hai Year or Earth Pig 2019 with the animals in a BaZi chart. What does this mean for you personally? As always, look at the opportunities in life! If you are strong in your body, mind and soul, remember, nothing (negative) can be of influence to you! Let’s have a look at the combinations that Earth Pig produces in 2019: Wood Season: Pig –Read more

Chinese New Year (CNY) and Qi-timings for February 2019!

Here are your new auspicious dates for the month of February 2019! Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful Chinese New Year! If you have not done so, this is the moment to get your FREE General Qi Planner, and enjoy the new Qi-Timings that are published for the Month of February! Join the Qi Planner community for a positive Life Transformation!   Specific Qi-Timings in February The instructions, directions and exact timing for the next dates you will find, when youRead more

Auspicious energies for the month of February 2019!

Starting the new sequence of the year off with the February Month of Bing Yin (Fire Tiger) representing the image of the Sun shining through a forest. And we look at the timing from February 4 – March 6, 2019.   What to expect in February! Anything that has to do with caring and loving for others and forgiving is the credo of this month. This is a great months for healers, nurturers and motivators through love. Peace, innocence andRead more