Best Energies for the month of December 2018

From December 7 till January 6, the monthly energies are ruled by Jia Zi (Wood Rat) The image of Wood Rat is that of a beautiful and delicate tree completely absorbed by the water. What to expect in December! Knowledge and teaching plays a huge part in December, as well as leading by example. This is the first palace of the 60 Jia Zi, so the example that we see this month represents new beginnings and gives this famous firstRead more

Super duper wealth creation timing!

Surprise from the office desk! Just wanted to share this incredible wealth generation timing with you: Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 between 09.00-11.00 hrs (preferable from 09.30 hrs. on) – South East: Sit with your back to the South East: meditate, command AND take action, like write an email, make phone calls, have a meeting etc. Without action NO result! Avoid sitting with your back towards South East 1 (Dragon) as it is opposite of the Grand Duke (Dog) in 2018! SitRead more

Testimonial of an activation timing!

One of my frequent users of the Qi Planner, got up early and activated the South East 3 Sector on the date of 24 September at 03.00-05.00 hrs, 2018. Here is his story on what happened afterwards There have been fruitful events after the activation of SE3 Snake Sector during the previous two weeks, by placing a big bucket of water. I purposely cleaned up my storage room and left the window open for this event. My own stories I gotRead more

Best Energies for the month of November 2018

From November 7 till December 6, the monthly energies are ruled by Water Pig (Gui Hai). The image of Water Pig is that of a Great Flood or Tsunami. Everything will be flushed away! What to expect in November! After a month of ruthlessly cleaning up in October, even literally on the political stage, with the awful ordeal of a well known journalist, we continue into Water Pig month November. This will be the month of resetting and starting again.Read more

Best Energies for the month of October 2018

From October 8 till November 6, the monthly energies are ruled by Water Dog (Ren Xu). The image of Water Dog is an acid lake, full of salts and deadly minerals where life is impossible. Before anything can flourish again, things need to be cleaned up. Filmfans can see the destruction of an acid lake in the movie Life of Pi. What to expect in October The Month of October represents a rutheless time of cleaning up and eliminating problemsRead more

Business Timings for October & November

Do you have a business that needs a boost or do you want to try something new in your professional life?!!! Well, here are some extraordinary auspicious business dates, some even supported with great formations in the day and month charts. Day- and Month charts are helping your more overall planning for the year. Ideal for deal-making, negotiation, launching a new project or book, or overpowering your competition! Read the content carefully, as it might be helpful with other (business)Read more

Autumn Qi Timings for October & November 2018

With autumn arriving, we send you a photographic greeting of a magnificent coloured forest to reflect a moment on Mother Nature’s great gifts to us! The auspicious Qi-Timings for October & November concern the subjects of health, relationship, academic pursuit, and wish-fulfilling. Use these specific dates in connection with meditation and your ‘wifi broad band connection’ to the Universe is magnified. Be sensitive and alert to whatever happens around you, and you will find that all small changes will appear to beRead more

Best Energies for the Month of September 2018!

From September 8, till October 9, 2018 the month is ruled by Metal Rooster (Xin You) Pillar. This pillar is represented by golden scissors, with hidden fire in the year. Rooster and Dog (2018) are also part of the metal season. The golden scissors are, in a negative sense, an expression of backstabbing, betrayal, sabotage and gossiping. On the other hand, one can implement ‘gossip’ for positive use to bring the world forward, which is highly recommended. If Rooster isRead more

Body, Mind and Soul = Energy!

We all have a system of energy that fuels the interaction of the Body, Mind and Soul. And this free and unlimited energy keeps on flowing within us, if, and when these three entities are well connected and in harmony to each other. Our State of Being or how well we feel, depends on the amount of energy flow, which can be abundant or restricted. Every moment this can change and it refers to how well balanced we feel on all levels:Read more

Empower yourself!

Enjoy reading this testimonial of one of the Qi Planners users. She shares her experiences of using auspicious timings for herself, her business and her health. Her most appreciated lesson is: PAY ATTENTION to the things that happen around you, when using auspicious timings. Small changes occur and bring another flow to your body, mind and soul. You can empower yourself with the use of the right timing and direction of the Qi Planner and your own dedication of meditation, commanding andRead more

New Qi-Timings for August & September 2018

If you have not done so, this is the moment to get your FREE General Qi Planner, and enjoy the new Qi-Timings that are published for the Months of August & September! For those of you who want to go ahead with their ultimate Qi planning and get their Personal Qi Planner, there is a limited offer for 2018 + 2019 at Euro 97. Order here! We are looking forward to having you with us for a positive Life Transformation! Sending Qi, The QiRead more

Best Energies for the Month of August 2018!

From August 7 till September 7, 2018 the month is ruled by Metal Monkey (Geng Shen) Pillar. In nature, this pillar is represented by bricks of raw metal. Monkey and Dog (2018) are also part of the metal season. As this is an expression of quite a cold climate, we might expect, in general that there will be difficulty in expressing feelings and emotions and caring for others. This is more a time for hard work, determination and taking sharpRead more

Plan ahead: useful energy in July!

Next month from July 7 till August 8, 2018 offers wonderful possibilities for planning, strategy and studies! Especially if Goat is your Noble Person, in this Earth Goat month, this is the time to find and use the services of these noble people, it is available, for free and will be offered to you. Recognize and accept these helpful people and their actions to advance your life! If you personally know someone with a Goat in their BaZi (astrology) chart,Read more

Unlock your subconscious (10): Nine Heaven Deity

Our last, but not the least, Nine Heaven Deity (Jiu Tian) is leading our way into the future, because this Deity helps us to envision. For clear thoughts, beauty, happiness, intelligence, victory in battle and successful pursuit of wealth and fame, knock on Nine Heaven’s door! Do you feel this is your deity? Well here are some more characteristics to recognize… Nine Heaven is less grounded than Nine Earth. The latter is well known to be strongly connected to MotherRead more

Unlock your subconscious (9): Nine Earth Deity

Do you characterize yourself as persistent and perseverant? Do you live traits like kindness, compassionate, gentle and caring, quiet and virtuous? Do you feel like being the keeper of Mother Earth? Do you bring balance and prosperity and have great respect for life in general? Chance is that Nine Earth Deity (Jiu Di), is your companion in life! Nine Earth Deity moves slowly, so changes will not appear quickly, however, what comes slowly must be good, precious and worthwhile isn’tRead more