Free Qi (energy) flow in the body, mind and soul…

We should (finally) realise that the Universe, of which we are part, works through energy, frequency and vibration. As the concept of Qi (energy) is not easy to grab, because we do not see ‘it’, we are still able to work with the Qi! The Asian world has done so for a long time, nobody knows exactly how long, but between 3000-4000 years the concept of ‘Qi’ exists. Qi (pronounced as ‘tschi’) or life energy flows through all matters: humanRead more

Fu Yin & Fan Yin

The Universe is sending me a lot of questions about Fu Yin and Fan Yin lately, so I will address the subject from my point of view in this article. Chinese Metaphysics and the old texts express a lot of negative thoughts on these two issues. And let me tell you, that at one point in my life, I was so disappointed, sad and fed up with the description of life threatening situations with certain BaZi or Feng Shui constellations, that IRead more

April 2019: Auspicious Directions and Timings!

From April 5 – May 4, the new month of Earth Dragon (Wu Chen) will take off. Wu Chen is the image of a connected mountain range. Any ‘Greedy Wolf’ mountain, as we say in Feng Shui, will fit in this picture. This kind of mountain will prosper health and improve the status- and authority aspect of people living near it. As this mountain is connected to other mountains or is part of a greater mountain range, ‘connecting and networking’ isRead more

Reminder: Make a wish!

This is a reminder for two wonderful auspicious timings to manifest your wish! Your broad band connection to the Universe will be high speed: take up your seat, with your back to the indicated direction, meditate on your goals with the indicated Deity, envision the result, and take action towards your wish: write an email, make a phone call, arrange a meeting etc.!   April 9, 2019, between 13.00 – 15.00 hrs, South (not for Horse) Heaven Deity: planning, envision, foresightRead more

Auspicious energies for the month of March 2019!

From March 6 – April 4, we enjoy the month of Ding Mao – Fire Rabbit! The image that goes with it, is a single candle, very sensitive and easily influenced: as from whichever the direction there is a draft, the candle will react to that. What to expect in March! A very sensitive month where (hopefully) a long awaited clarity, understanding and love will make itself visible to the world and its inhabitants. We just have to master ourRead more

Your personal connection to Earth Pig Year 2019!

The new year took off,  and it is time to look at the interaction of Ji Hai Year or Earth Pig 2019 with the animals in a BaZi chart. What does this mean for you personally? As always, look at the opportunities in life! If you are strong in your body, mind and soul, remember, nothing (negative) can be of influence to you! Let’s have a look at the combinations that Earth Pig produces in 2019: Wood Season: Pig –Read more

Chinese New Year (CNY) and Qi-timings for February 2019!

Here are your new auspicious dates for the month of February 2019! Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful Chinese New Year! If you have not done so, this is the moment to get your FREE General Qi Planner, and enjoy the new Qi-Timings that are published for the Month of February! Join the Qi Planner community for a positive Life Transformation!   Specific Qi-Timings in February The instructions, directions and exact timing for the next dates you will find, when youRead more

Auspicious energies for the month of February 2019!

Starting the new sequence of the year off with the February Month of Bing Yin (Fire Tiger) representing the image of the Sun shining through a forest. And we look at the timing from February 4 – March 6, 2019.   What to expect in February! Anything that has to do with caring and loving for others and forgiving is the credo of this month. This is a great months for healers, nurturers and motivators through love. Peace, innocence andRead more

General activation timings in January!

Surprise from our desktop, right to your screen….three general activation timings in anticipation of the coming New Year on February 4th! Auspicious Timings 12 January 2019 at 21.30 hrs East (not for Rabbit) 13 January 2019 at 19.30 hrs South West  (not for Dragon) 14 January 2019 at 05.30 hrs South East (not for Snake)   Here is how to do the Activation! By making noise, use music, move furniture, open a window/door or nail in this area. For nailing:Read more

Feng Shui & Activation 2019

On February 4th 2019, the Chinese Calendar changes to the Earth Pig (Ji Hai) Year. How to use the areas in your house with the most auspicious Qi energy? Qi energy is just like Wi-Fi waves, in some areas you get better broadband reception and connectivity than in some other areas. During the 20 year Period 8, from 2004 till 2024, you are called to spend more time in the areas where Stars 8, 9 and 1 as well asRead more

Earth Pig Year 2019!

With the new energies arriving, we decided to divide the information on Earth Pig year into several posts, as many readers requested shorter posts. Here is the first part for 2019! Technically we felt the energies of Earth Pig year kicking in, on November 8, 2018, with the start of the Pig month. And officially we await the new year on February 4, 2019 at 11.16 hrs. The year of 2019 is ruled by Ji Hai or Earth Pig, theRead more

Sparkling new ideas and wishes for 2019!

May your year be sparkling with new ideas, creative in all ways (use your right brain!!!), challenging to you as a person (it will make you flexible and better), bring about many positive changes, give you peace and quietness in time and fulfil your long standing wish(es)! Be ready to work with the energies to make it happen in 2019! Our present for 2019 to you, are two wish fulfilling dates: Wish fulfilling: South East – January 3, 2019 between 05.00Read more

Best Energies for the month of December 2018

From December 7 till January 6, the monthly energies are ruled by Jia Zi (Wood Rat) The image of Wood Rat is that of a beautiful and delicate tree completely absorbed by the water. What to expect in December! Knowledge and teaching plays a huge part in December, as well as leading by example. This is the first palace of the 60 Jia Zi, so the example that we see this month represents new beginnings and gives this famous firstRead more

Super duper wealth creation timing!

Surprise from the office desk! Just wanted to share this incredible wealth generation timing with you: Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 between 09.00-11.00 hrs (preferable from 09.30 hrs. on) – South East: Sit with your back to the South East: meditate, command AND take action, like write an email, make phone calls, have a meeting etc. Without action NO result! Avoid sitting with your back towards South East 1 (Dragon) as it is opposite of the Grand Duke (Dog) in 2018! SitRead more

Testimonial of an activation timing!

One of my frequent users of the Qi Planner, got up early and activated the South East 3 Sector on the date of 24 September at 03.00-05.00 hrs, 2018. Here is his story on what happened afterwards There have been fruitful events after the activation of SE3 Snake Sector during the previous two weeks, by placing a big bucket of water. I purposely cleaned up my storage room and left the window open for this event. My own stories I gotRead more