Feng Shui & Activation 2019

On February 4th 2019, the Chinese Calendar changes to the Earth Pig (Ji Hai) Year. How to use the areas in your house with the most auspicious Qi energy? Qi energy is just like Wi-Fi waves, in some areas you get better broadband reception and connectivity than in some other areas. During the 20 year Period 8, from 2004 till 2024, you are called to spend more time in the areas where Stars 8, 9 and 1 as well asRead more

Feng Shui & Activations in 2018

On February 4th 2018, the Chinese Calendar changes into the Earth Dog (Wu Xu) Year. This year’s, Feng Shui, which describes the energies in your house, draws our attention to the auspicious and inauspicious areas.  The technique used for this analyse, is named Flying Stars. The star of the area of the house is a given and will not change, the year-stars come ‘flying in’ to give us the Qi energies or in modern words, the optimal broadband Wi-Fi connection,Read more

Make Your Own Meditation Garden In 10 Easy Steps

By Guest Writer Lynda Abdo. Nature is nourishing and vital to our well-being. Gardens of all kinds call us to slow down to smell the roses. A meditation garden is a special outdoor space separated from the main yard that allows a person to relax in natural surroundings. Being in a private natural space can do wonders for one’s peace of mind. It is a place where we can be born anew. According to California landscape designer, Denise Buchanan, gardensRead more

Feng Shui: How Water Improves Money Luck

By Guest Writer Lynda Lee Abdo “Be a fountain — not a drain,” a quote by Rex Hudler expresses perfectly the goal of the Feng Shui consultant when placing water remedies to boost money luck. Some homes are naturally lucky, and others are not — and the practice of classic Feng Shui addresses this mystery. Water is the essence of life, and for the Chinese, it has also been associated with financial abundance for thousands of years. Three quarters ofRead more

The Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

Well, enjoy this reading for Fire Rooster year 2017.  And wishing you to embrace the cycle of elements that tells us so much about our energetic surroundings and is greatly influencing our living- and working surroundings. As always, stay aware of the challenges this year. My personal idea is: if you recognize what is lying ahead, then you can deal with it. My best advice: always focus on the positives of the year, as they will easily guide you through this cardinal animal ofRead more

Is the place where you live ‘your home’ or just a house?

Catching your dream… Buying a ‘Home’ is making the greatest dream come true for you and your family, and probably the most important decision and biggest investment that you make in your life. Many stakeholders are involved in building a house, from planning the concept, to drawing, to planning the building, interior design, selling and other service providers like banks and notaries. They are all making money in the process. As a buyer, you are not only interested in aRead more

Feng Shui or Space-clearing? Which is Best?

By guest writer Lynda Lee Abdo. OK, so you’ve moved into a new home, or you’ve been at your place for a while and you’re feeling tired, depressed, or confused. You want to renew your spirits, and something feels off, but you’re not sure what it might be. Should you hire a Feng Shui consultant or a space-clearer? Here are a few guidelines to help you understand the differences between these two practices and what may help… Traditional Eastern FengRead more

Feng Shui: The Healing Energy of the Earth

BY GUEST WRITER LYNDA LEE ABDO There are several modern movements re-examining our relationship with the earth and how “she” naturally supports our health. Our Earth is a solid, grounding force that gives us a feeling of security. It is “terra firma” under our feet, and its revolutions create gravity securing us to the planet. We receive our water, food, healing herbs, and shelter from great Mother Earth. But she has subtler supportive energies that nurture us as well. TheRead more

Feng Shui and Color Therapy: How Color Empowers Us

By Guest Writer Lynda Lee Abdo Color is a powerful tool that can be used to motivate us emotionally. Artists and designers know this well and are trained in the skilful use of color. Marketers also know what colours trigger us in deciding what products to buy. But color can also help heal our bodies –although few of us fully understand how this can be achieved. The secret is in nature, and the ancient Chinese observed many of these secretsRead more

Autumn: Metal Season

Metal Season is the timing of Nature to withdraw in itself, to concentrate the energy in Autumn, in order to prepare for the Winter. It is the End of the Summer Season which makes space for the cold and stillness. This is exactly the opposite timing of Wood Season Metal Season Months: August, September and October Month Animals: Monkey, Rooster, Dog Directions: West and North West Keywords: Altruism, Decisive, Justice If the West and North West directions in your living- or working surroundings are in disharmony or blocked,Read more

Spring: Wood Season

  Wood Season is the timing of Nature waking up in spring and the start of growth on Mother Earth. A moment of new impulses, vitality and dynamics. Wood Season Months: February, March and April Month Animals: Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon Directions: East and South East Key Words: Growth, Expansion, Development If the East and South East directions in your living- or working surroundings are in disharmony or blocked, you might experience issues on the following topics: Zhen – East Direction in FengRead more

Feng Shui: Is Your Home Draining Your Energy?

Feng Shui was introduced to the U.S about 40 years ago — bringing to our conscious awareness –that houses have a unique energy field or “chi”. Feng Shui consultants recognize some homes as being very supportive; while others are draining. A house acts much like an energetic umbrella that blends with the energy we generate from our physical bodies. We are all familiar with certain commercial buildings that change ownership often, as one business after another fails. Real estate agentsRead more

2016 Feng Shui

What are the most beneficial and auspicious areas in your house or office in 2016? As the environmental energies change every year (as well as month, day and hour) we prepare our house to tap into the most advantageous energy flow for that particular year. Normally, we do this at the beginning of each new solar year on the 4th of February. Stay tuned for the publication of the new energies for 2017 in late 2016 so you can prepare. To be ableRead more