How can I view my Qi Planner?
  • In your Google account, go to “calendar”
  • On the left you will find “my calendars” and “other calendars”
  • Under “other calendars”, the Qi Planner calendars will automatically show up

*Be sure to be logged into your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you will receive an invitation link which will guide you through the process.

How can I export my Qi Planner from Google Calendar to Apple iCal?
  1. Click this link: Google Calendar Settings
  2. Under “shared calendars”, make sure to tick the boxes of the Qi Planner.
    1. The General Qi Planner can be found under that name.
    2. If you have requested a personalised Qi Planner, the name will include a direction (for example “East”). Depending on your birth chart, you will have between one and four personalised Qi Planners.
  3. In your Apple iCal, connect your Google account to the Apple iCal.
    Under “calendar”, choose accounts.

    Add “Google”.
What are the time zone settings of the Qi Planner?
  • The Google free General Qi Planner is developed in UTC timing
  • Upon integration in your agenda, it might show a different time
  • ALWAYS use the time and direction that is in the HEADER of the post
  • You can adapt the time zone in the settings of your Google Calendar account, by tapping the gear icon in the top right corner and scrolling down to “time zone”


Why should I use the Qi Planner?

The times and direction in the Qi Planner are used to improve relationships, health and wealth (achievement in life).
During these auspicious times, the universe has extra energy available to support you in your goals in life.

What are some concrete examples of how I can use the Qi Planner?

Specific examples of when the Qi Planner can be used to your advantage:

  • For important business meetings
  • With relationship and -improvement
  • Buying a house or property
  • Investing money
  • Wedding day
  • Exam day (preparation)
  • Planning a childbirth (caesarean)
  • For health improvement
How should I use the Qi planner?
  1. Click on the indicated time
  2. The time will tell you for which activity that day/timing is especially auspicious (for example “health”)
  3. In the notes of the time, you will find the details on that date and what you should do
When should I use the Qi Planner?
  • You can use the Qi Planner auspicious time to meditate on a specific goal you have set in life. Sit with your back to the indicated direction and after meditating, take a concrete action towards that goal.
  • You can also use the Qi Planner auspicious time to meditate and simply let your body, mind and soul benefit from the auspicious energy. Let the universe reveal its secrets to you!
How can I define a goal?

You can use the Qi Planner for long and short-term planning:

  1. Define your big vision/goal
  2. Divide your big vision into small actions that help achieve that vision
  3. Use the auspicious times to take small actions towards your big vision/goal
What should I do at the specific auspicious time?

The best way to use the auspicious time is to meditate, command and act:

  1. Go in MEDITATION mode and count from 64 back to 0, so you and your mind are completely peaceful and concentrated. Sit down with your back to the indicated direction. Have your goals (written or in your mind) ready!
  2. COMMAND (!) the universe for your goals to be reached: Repeat slowly what you wrote down, in your mind or say it loud, whatever you prefer.
  3. When you are finished, take an ACTION towards your goal or event. This action is absolutely necessary for the success. For instance, write a mail and push the button to send it off, write an article and publish it on your website, make a phone call, make an appointment, plan a meeting etc.


What does “not for ANIMAL” mean?
  • The dates that have one of your BaZi (astrology) animals mentioned in the title, we recommend not to use.
  • These dates have a clash with one of your BaZi palaces (year, month, day or hour) and bring new things or a change in your life, which mostly come with a mental pain: For example saying goodbye to someone or something or letting go of something.
  • If you feel that you can handle the mental pain, then you can use this clash to bring out new things in your life.
Why is my hour animal different from what I am used to?

At the Qi Factory, we recalculate your birth hour by adjusting for the daylight savings time. In addition, we recalculate your birth time by adjusting the longitudinal degreed, based on your birth location. This explains an eventual difference in the hour palace. If you did not indicate or do not know your birth time, we automatically use 23.45 hrs/pm Rat Hour, and then use the recalculation system.

How can I find out what the animals in my BaZi (astrology) chart are?

About 1 day after signing up to the Qi Planner, you will receive a “Welcome to the Qi Planner” email. This email contains the animals for your year of birth, month of birth, day of birth and hour of birth. If you have lost your welcome email, please write qiplanner@theqifactory.com

What is the difference between a 2 hour time slot and a full day timing?
  • If the time indicates only a 2 hour time slot, be sure to use only that time to meditate, command and act.
  • If the time is for the whole day, you can use the whole day timing for meditate, command and act.
What is the difference between Power of Clarity, Power of Achievement and Power of Execution?

Usually the optimal way to achieve a goal is by:

  1. First, using the Power of Clarity to clear your mind of clutter and to “see clearly” what it is you should and want to achieve in life. It is used to set your goal.
  2. Second, using the Power of Achievement to meditate to overcome specific hurdles on the way to your goal. It is used to overcome obstacles and achieve results.
  3. Third, using the Power of Execution to take clear actions towards your goal and reap the rewards. It is used to take a small action (like sending an email), which can have an immediate and clear impact on your bigger goal/vision.


What is the difference between the General Qi Planner and the personalised Qi Planner?
  • The General Qi Planner is free and are auspicious dates and directions you can use for yourself, and for anybody else.
  • The Personalised Qi Planner auspicious dates and direction can ONLY be used by you to your personal advantage.
What types of personalised Qi Planner packages do you offer?
  1. Package 1 for Euro 97,00: Personal Qi Planner, which is only and especially selected for YOU. The dates will include: your Personal Powers of Clarity, -Achievement and -Execution.
  2. Package 2 for Euro 258: Package 1 PLUS Life Changing Dates. The life changing dates can be used to generate a real change in your personal and/or business life.
  3. Package 3 for Euro 497: Package 2 PLUS a two-hour personal consult through Skype on your Life Purpose and -Path.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at: qiplanner@theqifactory.com.