Design your own destiny with the three types of luck

Every person is equipped with three types of luck in life:

Heavenly Luck – Your birth chart
People’s Luck – The people you surround yourself with
Earth Luck – The space you live in

Each type of Luck makes up around 1/3 of your destiny map
Your destiny map is filled with hidden treasures, which you need to become aware of and use to your advantage.

Our objective is to help you understand the Luck you are given in your destiny map and enhance it.
We believe that YOU can influence and design your own destiny.

For example, auspicious date selection is like your broadband connection to the universe.
During these times, you have favourable circumstances based on your destiny map.
The energy is available, you simply need to tap into it.

Expand your opportunities. Make better choices. Transform your life.

Heavenly Luck
This luck is analysed with BaZi astrology. These are the gifts and talents that we received from heaven when we were born. Gifts and talents are the potentials that we develop and perfect during our lives.

People’s Luck
That which connects heaven and earth, are we, the people. Our acting and our fate, that we should take into our own hands is the idea of People’s Luck. We have the possibility to take our lives into our own hands and ‘redevelop’ ourselves. 

Earth Luck
With this luck, we mean the personal and business environment that characterises our life: Our education, the house we live in, the places we work in. Every person is the centre of his individual relationships that he has created and in which he lives.

How you can influence your luck with Qi Planning

How to do Qi Planning


Plan big projects on years:

  • Start out with 3 goals you have written down
  • These are your year gols


Plan parts of project on months:

  • Break down your three goals into smaller projects
  • These are your monthly goals


Plan activities for projects on days:

  • These are even smaller projects, like planning appointments, writing emails, etc.
  • These are your daily activities


Initiate on hours:

  • Use the perfect hour timing to send your messages out, have your meetings, etc.
  • These are your hourly initiations