2016 Feng Shui

What are the most beneficial and auspicious areas in your house or office in 2016? As the environmental energies change every year (as well as month, day and hour) we prepare our house to tap into the most advantageous energy flow for that particular year. Normally, we do this at the beginning of each new solar year on the 4th of February. Stay tuned for the publication of the new energies for 2017 in late 2016 so you can prepare. To be ableRead more

2016 Fire Monkey – Bing Shen Year

World BaZi As a gentle reminder, in August, we expect 2016 year’s energy to really kick in, as this Monkey month has the same Bing Shen 2016 energies. Chinese Year 2016 started on 4 February 2016 and lasts to 4 February 2017. It is to be compared with the year 1956 and its affairs. It brings us the elements and landscape of Yang Fire (the bright sun), Yang Metal (the tank or ax), Yang Water (the great lake or wild river) andRead more