How it works

Achieve your goals faster with auspicious date selection

Gain ACCESS to your energy

WRITE down your goals – Bring together mind, body & soul through MEDITATION

EXPAND your available energy

Use the right TIME and DIRECTION with your Qi Planner to command the universe

TRANSFORM your energy into action

Take action – Write a mail, join a meeting, make an appointment, etc.


Auspicious dates can help you in love, court, relationships, business... You name it!

Large heart drawn with light on a bridge connecting the two sides of the harbor. Love for the city we live in. Love sign

Early 2017, I used the Lotus Technique in combination with a special date. Not long after, my boyfriend proposed to me…
For your wishes to happen, you need to put in specific work and effort. I admit that I asked for two things but put proper effort for one of them (so far), and what I asked for was achieved and the time frame was very short and it happened fast.”¬†
Ms. MZ – Jordan


It was like a blessing, that when I was having a tough time tyring to find other kind of support in facing a court case; mentally/spiritually/metaphysically, that I stumbled on theqifactory.com. Looking back, Henriette’s predictions on how the events were going to unfold, the types of opponents that I will face is impossibly accurate! After 4 gruelling sessions, the case was closed with me being acquitted.”
Mr. G – Malaysia


We are pleased to say that Henriette’s results have been remarkable:
+ Relations with family members (over the years frosty, at best) have improved markedly
+ Out of the blue, a recalcitrant neighbour offered USD 100k to settle a border dispute
+ A dormant investment, long written off, is on track to book at handsome return
We remain humbled by the refreshingly practical, direct advice.” Mr. M.B. – UK

Stressed out? Anxious? Distracted?

Tap into the Power of Clarity by calming and clearing your mind through meditation.

Let your goals become clear to you.

Stay focused.

Tap into the Power of Achievement by focusing on what you want to achieve.

Articulate your goals and achieve what you want.

Better health? Relations? Work?

Tap into the Power of Execution and achieve your goals through action.

Take action towards your goals, overcome your challenges, make it happen!