Super Moon

Wednesday, December 14th  – 00.05 am GMT in Gemini 22° (Cold Moon)

A Full or New Moon that is located less than 360.000 kilometers from the Earth (center to center) is a Super Moon. This last – out of several Super Moons in 2016 – is focused on bringing illumination to Mother Earth. What has been buried will be coming to the surface with this Super Moon. This kind of moon is igniting a time of change and will increase our consciousness. There will be huge energies flowing.

December’s Full Moon falls on the same night as the peak of the Geminid meteor shower – which normally lights up the sky – but now will be outshined by the Moon. According to NASA, the light of the Full Moon will reduce visibility of the meteor shower ‘five to ten fold’.

During this Super Moon, our attention will be focused on relationships of all kind. Projects that were started since the New Moon on November 29, will be completed now and in flow. There will be a welcoming energy to the New Year 2017, after 2016 was a heavy year of endings and letting go. Review what you have learned and what you are taking with you into this new cycle.

For those who have a special connection with the Great Moon Deity (Qi Men Dun Jia)…this is your timing!  Moon Deity is related to infinite wisdom, learning and teaching as well as the ‘mysterious’ and ‘hidden mentor’. It is suitable for seeking fame and publicity, marriage, assuming a new job position, strategising and planning or hiding and seeking refuge.

Take time to recharge and cleanse your body, mind and soul by standing and/or meditating in the Full Moon light.

Happy Super Moon!




Foto: Greg Rakozy





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