The Fall of Harvey Weinstein!

These days, the world is shocked and flabbergasted by the revelations on celebrities, politicians and other well known people…..

Personally, I was intrigued by the case of Mr. Harvey Weinstein – the famous Hollywood film producer and -executive and one of the founders of Miramax – and his ‘deeds’ being revealed to the public early October 2017.

It was worth looking into his BaZi and QiMenDunJia charts to see what was going on in his life! Not an in-depth analysis, but enough interesting leads to see…


Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 15.02.00.png

Mr. Weinstein was born on March 19, 1952. Unfortunately, we do not have his birth time which would reveal the ‘result’ in his life.

A short introduction to Mr. Weinstein!

There is no fire and metal in the chart of this Jia Yang Wood DayMaster born in the wood season. As his Jia Wood is strong he would benefit from Yang Metal and from Fire element. Fire is his output element concerning his creativity or expression of himself and Metal concerns his discipline and authority. Lack of these elements shows us that Mr. Weinstein has probably difficulties to express himself and keep his discipline or his authority. . Being a Jia Zi (Rat), we see that his wood is floating and drifting producing instability in his personality which is greatly caused by his emotions.

The Dragon in his year- and Rat in his day pillar is a harmony combination that produces more water element in his chart, which is related to emotions, philosophy, deep thinking, (fast) moving etc. Water is his resource element and indicates creativity, unusual interests, great marketing ideas, health, intelligence and love in a positive form. However as Mr. Weinstein has too much water, it shows its negative form as well which results in health problems, egoistic thinking and withdrawal in his own world.  His emotions and secrets play a major role in his life.

The Yin Water in the Heavenly Stem of the month represents the mother in a Jia Wood male chart, so his mother was a great deal on his mind during his life path, and might even have been part of his emotional problems.

Rat water (day) and Rabbit wood (month) are an uncivilised punishment constellation, where disloyalty and stepping over people is involved. Rat and Rabbit both Peach Blossom relationship stars, also result in sexual problems and even rape. This particularly occurs when elements have a highly negative influence in a chart, which we see with the water, that is causing his drifting. He is literally like a tree with rotten roots. As this combination is part of the Day- or Spouse palace, it constantly has a negative influence on his partner and personality.

One of the impressive stars in Mr. Weinstein’s day palace is the ‘Salty Pool Star’, which concerns relationships, that are unstable. This star is all about ‘sex’ and arouses quick passion that dies off quickly in a short term action.

The ‘Goat Blade Star’ in Mr. Weinstein’s Month Pillar indicates compulsive repetition of actions, although he knows that these actions are unfavourable, he repeats and makes the same mistake over and over again. The Month Pillar concerns his life path or career.

What about the timing of the revelations?

From October 5, 2017 on, more than 50 women came forward with accusations of harassment by Mr. Weinstein…what about this timing:

The new Metal Dog Life Cycle of Mr. Weinstein started in June 2017 and clashes the Yang Water Dragon in the year causing an ‘earth quake’, as two mighty earth animals bump into each other. The element of the Dog is Yang Earth (Indirect Wealth) which also concerns girlfriends in a male’s chart. So, his many ‘girlfriends’ are involved in this revelation causing the earthquake in his life. Many times we see that an abundance of water and metal is indicative for ‘mental’ -problems or -instability.

Yang Water Dragon in his year, concerns the greater social and/or public network and the happenings in that group. Normally a clash brings about ‘pain’ in someone’s life, though a clash can be both positive or negative; it is about bringing something to the surface. A positive circumstance will bring the pain of letting go or a change, however, when you have something to hide like Mr. Weinstein, then the pain is forced hard upon you and brings out the negatives in your life.

Yin Water Rabbit in the month, concerns Mr. Weinstein’s life path or career and is clashed during the 2017 Rooster year and again in a Yin Earth Rooster month when the revelations started to come out into the public (October 5, 2017).  Yin Earth (direct wealth) is also the wife element in his chart, so his wife is on his mind during the events that happened in 2017.

The Yang Metal Dog lifecycle, which just started in June 2017 is in Death and Emptiness and shows us Yang Metal, an element that he is not familiar with, as it is not available in his own BaZi chart.  Yang Metal element shows Mr. Weinstein’s difficulties with the qualities of discipline, fighting spirit, compensatory power and authority.  He has probably difficulties controlling himself or the situation.

The Yang Earth in the Dog, again are the ‘girlfriends’ in a male Jia Wood chart. So this whole story clashed out and will not be finished in the next 10 years…


QiMenDunJia Destiny chart

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 16.12.46.png

North West: at age 61-75, Mr. Weinstein who is 65 years of age, resides in his ‘Career and Obstruction Palace’ and Open Door (everything is clearly seen by everybody) with Xin/Xin Stems, which indicates the ‘Grand Heavens Fu Yin’ combination and denotes the eradication of the public and private companies in a litigation or lawsuit as a punishment. It is a time of sabotage and self-sabotage and there is a waste of energy. All being in Death & Emptiness, he gets 50% of what is shown: half of the good things and/or half of the bad things…

South West: in his Harmony Palace where his partnership or marriage is shown, we see that he is close with his wife (Yi is with Geng) and Grain Star which governs right and wrong. They are situated in an Earth Palace which is hardship for the marriage (Wood Harmony Deity in an Earth Palace). Death door shows an end and a new beginning to something as well as fear, anxiety, disruption and pain.

South: this fiery Reputation Palace is quite strong with fire elements Hero Star and Scenery Door: all about branding, marketing, selling, anonymous, appeal, escape, prison, attractiveness, beauty, branding, marketing, selling, and things that look good on the outside, but might be ‘putrid or rotten’ inside.

Hero Star tells us all about a personality that is confident and proud with a sense of bravery and courage. These people’s spirit can radiate through the entire world – like he did with producing his movies – and radiates in the minds of those whose lives they touch. What an interesting way of describing things in these circumstances. He already has this reputation developped at quite a young age from 16-30 years.

Also in the south palace, we find plenty of girlfriends represented by Yin Fire, they show in the Earth as well as the Heaven plate so there are many of them. And these girlfriends are part of his reputation, or made his reputation so to say! This fire palace in the south feeds the earth palace where his marriage and partnerships reside, so his actions were continuously going on since young age under the watching eye of Moon Deity.

Next to the fact that Moon is the deity of wisdom, we see that everything that happened in the South Palace, was behind the scenes as the Moon only shines at night. This deity is all about being secretive, deep in thought, dual personality,  privacy, confidential, darkness, doubts, gossip planning & strategy, blessings, introvert, gloomy, conceal, hiding, crying, adultery or happy event behind the scenes.

This BaZi- and QMDJ analyses shows many leads in the charts of Mr. Weinstein that give an indication on his personality and actions that were revealed last October…

Let us know, if you see more interesting leads in these charts!

Henriette Driessens


BaZi Chart of Mr. Weinstein by Chinese Metasoft
QiMenDunJia Destiny Chart by Chinese Metasoft, Birth Time: Rat Hour (used in case we do not know the real birth time).
Photo: Daniil Vnoutchkov




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