Plan ahead: useful energy in July!

Next month from July 7 till August 8, 2018 offers wonderful possibilities for planning, strategy and studies!

Especially if Goat is your Noble Person, in this Earth Goat month, this is the time to find and use the services of these noble people, it is available, for free and will be offered to you. Recognize and accept these helpful people and their actions to advance your life!

If you personally know someone with a Goat in their BaZi (astrology) chart, invite them for a coffee and have a chat on how to proceed to achieve your goals. Sure enough, they will make that special phone call for you, match you up with the right person or ensure an appointment at the right time. Enjoy it!

Now, the July 2018 directions:

East, especially for studies, as Moon Deity (level 7), Assistant (education) and Delusion Door (knowledge and career) forms the ultimate wisdom constellation.

Sit with your back to the East this month for studies and academic pursuits! This is also an auspicious direction to carry out investigations, exploring into secretive affairs or activities, obtaining confidential information or releasing yourself from a contract or bond.

South, especially for planning and strategy with Chief (level 4) and Grain Star (innovation). Death door is about assets, property and land.

Sit with your back to the South for negotiations and business deals or going into a new job position. Even to put the right person into the right position or pacify someone angry. This direction also helps in collecting data, information and knowledge to fulfil plans and strategy and to make important connections in (business) relationships as communication channels will be open and smooth.

By the way, you can try both directions every other day or week for instance. Depending on the activities you want to emphasise.

South West, especially to envision or extend your foresight with Heaven Deity (level 6). Recommended is to use this specific direction for meditation and spiritual contact with Heaven Deity and its characteristics. Read more about Heaven Deity here!


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Specific Qi-Timings in July!

Within the month of July, we have some very specific high energetic timings. The instructions for these specific Qi-Timings you will find, when you click on the date in the General Qi Planner.

If you have not done yet, this is the moment to get your FREE General Qi Planner, and enjoy the new Qi-Timings for the month of July!

  • July  7, 2018: Deal Making & Negotiation
  • July 10, 2018: Deal Making & Negotiation
  • July 14, 2018: Deal Making & Negotiation
  • July 16, 2018: Personal & Career, Business
  • July 16, 2018: Relationship
  • July 23, 2018: Health Improvement
  • July 28, 2018: Health Improvement


Wishing you a great month of July and, when you take a vacation: enjoy!

Sending Qi,

The Qi Factory Team


Picture credit: Chinese Metasoft & Photo credit: Hisaniri Kunimoto




7 responses to Plan ahead: useful energy in July!

  1. Evelyn says:

    Hi Henriette,

    My personal deity is 9 Heaven and my destiny palace direction is at NW. Since u mentioned that SW has my 9 Heaven deity located there in this month (July), does that mean that its better for me in this month to use SW instead of my own destiny palace and or use both directions to optimise for maximum effect? Please advise, thank you.
    I am a follower of your QI factory posts and finds your info very valuable.


    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Evelyn…thanks for your question….

      As South West has 9 Heaven Deity and it has strong energy there…I would use that palace in July, as I wrote, only for meditation purposes (so short time), and to connect with your Deity for some time. This palace in general is not so strong this month, so I would not sit in that direction the whole month, only use it to connect with your deity short time.
      As your Deity is spiritual and exempt from any other influences.

      For the rest, I would use the East and South in this month for projects as these directions should bring good results. I know, sometimes it is difficult with all the layers…think of it like that the WIFI/Broad Band connection is strong this month with the indicated directions. And you can get things done with regards to study, planning etc.

      As for planning in general: your Destiny is your life planning or life road, the year (like 2018) is one big plan within the life planning/road (you know, when you set your New Years plans), the auspicious monthly directions are ‘working’ on parts of that big year plan, the day and hour are again smaller parts of that plan to work, have meetings, etc.

      Feel free to ask anytime if you have a question and enjoy your Qi timings,
      Sending Qi, Henriette

  2. Evelyn says:

    Thank you Henriette, as always your advise is quick and much valuable. I know I will learn a lot here from your post. Have a good day.

    Best regards,

  3. Hello Henriette…I am a Red Phoenix.. I want to ask what date in August is good to have a medical laboratory test done in a Hospital?

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello there…

      Go for a health improvement date…you can also use the one on Saturday July 28, between 07.00-09.00 (am) hrs. with your back to the west.
      Because planning a specific date in a hospital is already difficult with their schedule. So take charge for yourself on a health improvement date.
      Meditate, command and take action: like starting a treatment or meditate on that specific treatment that you are going to have in August or take medication.
      Personally I think the mindset is of enormous importance and once your mind is positively set towards the project, the outcome will be positive as well.
      Sending you my best and healthy Qi, Henriette

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