Best Energies for the Month of September 2018!

From September 8, till October 9, 2018 the month is ruled by Metal Rooster (Xin You) Pillar. This pillar is represented by golden scissors, with hidden fire in the year. Rooster and Dog (2018) are also part of the metal season.

The golden scissors are, in a negative sense, an expression of backstabbing, betrayal, sabotage and gossiping. On the other hand, one can implement ‘gossip’ for positive use to bring the world forward, which is highly recommended.

If Rooster is your Noble Person (helpful people), please be prepared to receive help: recognise or find people with Rooster in their chart, ask for their help, and they will be there for you! Accept these helpful people and their actions to advance in your life.

Rooster is also the Peach Blossom star, which supports attraction and attention from people, the crowds as well as partners. For Wood day master females (Jia or Ji) and Fire day master males (Bing or Ding), it means that a partner might be in sight this month.

If you have a Dragon in your chart, be prepared to receive double the amount of metal, as Rooster and Dragon produce metal. What does this bring for you? Depends on what metal element’s position is in your chart:

  • self element: networking and leadership
  • output element creativity and performing
  • wealth element: wealth and achievement
  • control element: authority and discipline
  • resource element: health and learning


Now, the auspicious directions for September 2018:

South, especially for studies: again like in the last months, we look forward to the ultimate learning constellation: Moon Deity + Assistant Star + Delusion Door, and the Wisdom Deity is quite strong! This would also be an excellent direction for studying children or preparing for exams as well.

Some specific features of this direction: career advancement, wealth creating projects, find a platform to fulfil your aspirations, acquiring (classified) information, carrying out investigations, or releasing yourself from a contract or bond.

The South palace is ruled by Hexagram 57: Wind or Gentle Penetration, which indicates gentleness and enormous power. You are asked to look deeper into a situation to find the less obvious power of the matter. It’s a constant and gentle action and deals about home-coming or even ‘find’ the answers…

South East, especially for networking and relationships: with Harmony Deity + Destructor star, we can imagine that there is a review in networks and relationships. Probably you say goodbye to some relationships and build new ones for the future.

Some specific features of this direction: assuming a new position, expanding business, follow your aspirations.

The South East palace is ruled by Hexagram 51: Thunder or Shock, which indicates unexpected happenings, emotions and a wake up call. Changes that you did not ask for, but are good for you. The hidden influence of this hexagram is a call for innovation: things that worked in the past, will no longer do. New feelings that arise might be unfamiliar but quite refreshing…

The following directions are recommended for Meditation in September:

South West, as this direction is ruled by Snake Deity with the highest energy of 7. Snake Deity is all about intuition, concentration and unconventional wisdom. If you are looking for a property, take the direction of Snake Deity, she will show you intuitively the way! For more characteristics about Snake Deity click here!

North West, ruled by Heaven Deity: with regards to planning, ideas and foresight, things come quickly this month. Read more about Heaven Deity here!


Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 09.56.59.png


In general:

The important message for this month is: gossiping is also self-betrayal! Once you are aware, the lesson is learned ;-)!

If you have not inscribed yet for our auspicious timings calendar, the Free Qi Planner is available here!

Enjoy the Month of September and we are sending you loving Qi from door to door,

The Qi Factory Team



Photo credit: Kai Oberhauser

Picture credit: Chinese Metasoft

2 responses to Best Energies for the Month of September 2018!

  1. Carole Bodart says:

    How do the auspicious directions translate into action?
    Do we have to face South when studying or sit in the Southern corner of the house to study?

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Thanks Carole for these very relevant questions!

      1. The actions are described with the directions: for instance, meditate, work at your computer, write emails, make phone calls, write business plans, all activities related to wealth generating, studying, reading, sit at meeting tables, in business meetings, apply for a job, for career advancement, wealth creating projects, find a platform to fulfil your aspirations i.e. on Instagram, FB, acquiring or researching (classified) information on google or with the government (LOL), carrying out investigations at the computer or releasing yourself from a contract or bond in the court room.
      2. When you sit, always with your back to indicated direction, the South, to get the wind in the back so to say.
      3. When you move, with your nose into that direction, like leaving the house to go to a meeting, walk out into south direction or drive into south direction and after a while drive into the direction that you need to go for a meeting. The idea is that your body and mind are concentrating on your action: attention on the action that you are going to take.
      4. The South area/corner of your house, and sit with the back to the south is also a great idea. The South has wonderful stars for academic pursuits and romance in 2018.
      5. Read this link for more information on 2018:
      6. For September, I would only meditate (0-60 minutes) in the North West direction and call upon Heaven Deity for foresight, planning and manifesting your outcome of what you want to achieve in life. Results will arrive quickly.
      7. Deities are exempt from negative influences and you can always meditate with your back to that direction for a short time as mentioned above. This direction is not suitable to sit in for a long time in this month.
      8. In general, try to use and trust your intuition with all things that you do, and with meditation: your body will tell you when time is up.

      Good luck and sending Qi, Henriette

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