Your personal connection to Earth Pig Year 2019!

The new year took off,  and it is time to look at the interaction of Ji Hai Year or Earth Pig 2019 with the animals in a BaZi chart.

What does this mean for you personally? As always, look at the opportunities in life! If you are strong in your body, mind and soul, remember, nothing (negative) can be of influence to you!

Let’s have a look at the combinations that Earth Pig produces in 2019:

Wood Season: Pig – Rabbit – Goat 

  • With Rabbit and Goat in your chart or life cycle, a wood season will be formed with the Pig this year. Wood is all about growth and evolution, quietly and steadily.
  • Feeling the desire to evolve out of your current shape or state, this is the time!
  • Only Rabbit in your chart? There still will be growth and evolution.
  • Only Goat in your chart? This wood season influence will be less pronounced.


Wood Combination: Pig – Tiger 

  • Another wood combo is produced if you have a Tiger in your chart.
  • With these two animals you could also face a change in behaviour or attitude. You alone can turn this into a positive issue in 2019!


New Events: Pig – Snake 

  • With a Snake in your personal chart or life cycle, new things are heading your way. This might come with a mental pain, as you have to say goodbye to the ‘old’ and if you are flexible, this change will be a positive one. Go with the flow!


Trust: Pig- Monkey 

  • In your relationships, you could face a trust issue. Maybe you contributed to something and did not get anything in return, you feel shortchanged. Well…it is time to face it and move away from this feeling. Let it go!


Self reflection: Pig – Pig

  • With two pigs in your chart, you face a reflection on yourself and your behaviour: something from which you know it is wrong, you keep on repeating thus you sabotage yourself.  Your mirror will tell you what it is…..and self control is important in this matter. Make a plan of action to change this behaviour!


 Jia (Yang Wood) Day Master – Ji (Yin Earth) Pig Year 

  • Jia Day Masters and Ji will produce a new ‘baby’ element named Earth. That means work hard, play hard, (more) income from your daily work or your occupancies.
  • Jia Wood, the huge tree, will be able to grow considerably in Ji Earth, the fertile field.
  • Enjoy your working time and enjoy your free time as well!


Gui (Yin Water) Day Master – Ji (Yin Earth) Pig Year

  • Ji controls Gui Day Masters who will express a lot of fighting spirit, courage and will power. They claim leadership and authority, and are ready to take risks.
  • A (too much) self -discipline issue could lead to exhaustion, so take off  from whatever work regularly and take rest at the right time. Caress your body, mind and soul, for instance book a wellness session or massage, plan creative time for yourself or read a book…


If your animal is not mentioned….no worries, keep on rocking in 2019: take care of body, mind and soul, and your time will come in one of the next years!


Sending Qi for 2019!



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8 responses to Your personal connection to Earth Pig Year 2019!

  1. Beatrice Jacot says:

    Hi Henriette, your post is marvelous, it is a real mirror and comes on time for me.

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Thank you! Take care of yourself and enjoy! Sending Qi, Henriette

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Welcome Ligia! Enjoy the year….sending Qi, Henriette

  2. Gigi says:

    Vais surveiller cette année : mon mari et serpent et mois du lapin, jour singe et peut être heure chèvre et moi-même tigre, lapin jour et heure singe. Vous tiendrez au courant. Déjà plus détendu par rapport à 2018. Merci. Bises

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Merci Ghislaine pour votre reaction…je commence en anglais pour notre lectures!
      In your Life Purpose Analysis, Ji Hai (Earth Pig) year 2019 is your ‘subconscious’ pillar, which is perfect for you! Your ‘task’ for 2019: communication and talking, true communication will open your unconscious mind. Keep well and sending Qi, Henriette

  3. Rajeshree says:

    Thanks for this marvellous post. I have rabbit monkey and goat in my chart with pig in the luck pillars. My husband has ox and tiger in his chart. As u said time to grow out of the box…as for trust issues..can you plz elaborate thnks..

    • Henriette Driessens says:

      Hello Rajeshree and thank you for reacting to the post! Trust issues is like I said: you might have the feeling of contributing something but the other party does not recognise this and thus you feel shortchanged. As written, the feeling is on your side, so you have to deal with it or forget about it, in order not to let it disturb you! Best and sending Qi, Henriette

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