July 2019: auspicious monthly directions!

The month of July 2019, from 7 July – August 7, is named Xin Wei (Metal Goat). This month consists of  the elements Xin metal and Ji earth, which represents a conductor, which is very useful in communication. Hidden qualities of this month are leadership, going on stage and showing off to the world as well as having the facts and figures at hand!

What to expect of Xin Wei (Metal Goat)?

Communication and breaching the gaps will be the main subject this month, especially in career and work.  When flexible and humble, you will be able to reach a lot. Advisors, communicators, sales people and mediators have their month of success and the magic word is: be practical.

If your Day Pillar is Xin Wei, learn how to speak in public, in order to activate yourself. In the spiritual world Xin Wei communication is about mediumship and channelling.

The important lesson this month is: bridging the differences, bringing conflicting parties together, negotiate, make peace and learn how to speak (in public). How applicable in our world politics!

Qi Men Dun Jia Chart for July 2019

Auspicious direction for July 2019: the following monthly auspicious direction(s), we use for long term planning. They are your direction(s) to prepare, as part of your bigger year plan.

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South East: Smart strategic thinking and acting, will induce your wealth this month. Sit as much as you can (for a whole month!), with your back towards this direction: experience that you are backed with extra Qi (energy) and highest level of mind-reading and speech. Being with this direction, your Broad Band connection to the Universe will be running at Ultra High Speed.

Tortoise Deity, is with this direction in July and helps solving problems or mysteries and is a master in getting the right contacts and winning trust, as well as achieving fame. Sit down for meditation when you feel like it, with your back to the south east and feel the power of unconventional thinking and leadership. Read more about Tortoise Deity here!

Hexagram 43 – Determination, rules the South East: this hexagram will push a breakthrough in your thinking and eliminates challenges and that prevent you from forwarding. What is holding you back, is something made up by your own thinking. By eliminating wrong choices and obstacles, you open up to new opportunities. Do not stay in your comfort zone, but rather explore the unknown, then for sure you will succeed! Your action: breakthrough.

South: Sit as much as you can (for a whole month!), with your back towards this direction: experience that you are backed with extra Qi (energy) of Tiger Deity and groups or family.

Tiger Deity controls all forms of energy, and is vigorous and powerful. A strong will and focus develops from this direction in July. Physical activities and endurance is also supported by this deity. Not much stops the Tiger to achieve its goals! Read more on White Tiger Deity here!

Hexagram 6 – Litigation: Conflict comes to release you and offers an opportunity to see the truth of what you keep hidden in yourself. It looks like something is taking place outside yourself, when there is actually energy rising inside yourself. Look at the situation and think out of the box! Your action: Let go!

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