September 2019: auspicious timings!

In the most romantic Gui You (Water Rooster) Month, there are some auspicious timings to share with you! Many of you have asked, what to do during the auspicious timings, and for that, we here list some directions:

When should you use the Qi Planner and its auspicious timings

  • To meditate on a specific goal you have set in life. Sit with your back to the indicated direction and after meditating, take a concrete action towards that goal.
  • To meditate and simply let your body, mind and soul benefit from the auspicious energy. Let the universe reveal its secrets to you!

The best way to meditate, command and act

  1. Sit down with your back to the indicated direction. Have your goals (written or in your mind) ready! Go in MEDITATION mode and count from 64 back to 0, so you and your mind are completely peaceful and concentrated. As an alternative, you can also concentrate on your breathing, until your body and mind are peaceful.
  2. COMMAND (!) the Universe for your goals to be reached: Repeat slowly what you wrote down, in your mind or say it loud, whatever you prefer.
  3. When you are finished, take an ACTION towards your goal or event. This action is absolutely necessary for the success. For instance, write a mail and push the button to send it off, write an article and publish it on your website, make a phone call, make an appointment, plan a meeting etc.


Well, here we go for September! Wishing you great Qi Planning.

  • September 7: Energy & Strength
  • September 11: Wish Fulfilling
  • September 15: Academic Pursuit
  • September 19: Wealth Generation
  • September 25: Wealth Generation

For the correct timings, please subscribe to the free Qi planner for four months (a one-time offer only), with all important auspicious & activation dates here!

Sending Qi, Henriette


Photo Credit: HD – Autumn Flowers in Valais Switzerland

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    Hi Henriette, TY for sharing, where can I see the specific times ?

    Have a great day !

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